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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Libera, TIME

Solo: Joshua Madine
Second Solo: Benedict Philipp

I am the hours and moments of your yesterday
I am your time gone by
O'er days and ages fleeting, long since passed away
As endless years roll by.

I'll rise in the spark of life the dawn of all time.
I'll call to the world still yet to be.
The music is everywhere,
In life, in the sea and air
To join in the perfect song of all eternity.

I am the hours, the days and moments yet to come
Until the end of time
All the centuries and seasons that are still to run
As endless years roll by.

I'll rise in the spark of life the dawn of all time
I'll call to the world still yet to be
The music is everywhere
In life, in the sea and air
To join in the perfect song of all eternity

The noon of creation rings
And all in the heavens sing
The glorious song through all eternity.
I am the dawn of all time


(Deluxe Edition, 2011 - CD)


Please also visit

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Friday, January 29, 2010

15 Questions For You - A Video Response

A video response for

Larry Graves
YouTube user
who posted the video
"15 Questions For You"


Some of my playlists:

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(a reading video series of a story I wrote)
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Recording artists I like:

Peter Gabriel
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Loreena McKennitt
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(official website)

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... on YouTube
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David Sylvian
... on YouTube:
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A few of the maaaany YouTubers I like
(just a random selection!)

Peter Oakley aka geriatric1927

Sungha Jung

phekwig aka Andy


Here are the 15 questions in writing ...
feel free to also make a video response!

1. What is the date you joined YouTube?
2. What are your videos about, if you have any?
3. What videos would you like to see me do in the future?
4. Your five favorite movies?
5. Your five favorite recording artists? (bands or singers...)
6. Do you believe in UFO's?
7. Your favorite and least favorite food?
8. Where do you live?
9. What are your 5 favorite YouTube channels?
10. What is something you really hate?
11. Do you believe in life after death?
12. Have you ever met a celebrity?
13. Do you promise to always comment and rate on any video of mine you watch in the future?
14. Do you believe some people are really psychic?
15. Are you a dog or cat person, or neither?



Saturday, January 16, 2010

Elie Dupuis, BANG BANG

This song was recorded
one year prior to
what happened on April 19th 2009.

And still,
it holds a lot of reference
for me
and for someone else.

BANG BANG is sung by Franco-Canadian singer


Nous n'étions que des enfants
Nous n'avions que 5 ou 6 ans
On jouait aux mêmes jeux
C'était lui le plus fort des deux

Bang bang, il me tirait
Bang bang, il me blessait
Bang bang, moi je pleurais
Bang bang, et il me consolait

Bien vite passa le temps
Et nous sommes devenu grand
En riant il me disait
"Rappelle toi quand on jouait"

Bang bang, il me tirait
Bang bang, il me pressait
Bang bang, moi je pleurais
Bang bang, et il me consolait

Vous pouvez rire et chanter
Pendant que je vais pleurer
Vous pouvez rire et chanter
Pendant que je vais pleurer

Il était mon grand amour
Je voulais le garder toujours
Mais moi, je n'étais rien sans lui
Car sans amour il est partit

Bang bang
Il m'a quitté

Bang bang
Je suis blessé

Bang bang
Je vais pleurer

Bang bang
Sans être consolé


Buy the very touching movie
-Mom is at the Hairdresser's-

(French with Englisch subtitles)

Buy the song
Èlie Dupuis, BANG BANG



Sunday, January 10, 2010

"A Beat for Peace" - are you game for a very special YouTube collab?


On January 8th 2010, I discovered this video here, "Sudan 365 - A Beat for Peace", that asks for support in a very special way, for an important cause. It's a huge musical project, that basically is to last 365 days from now, and is supposed to have impact, and make a difference. And I think you could, in one way or another, participate there, and it can become awesome!

Video responses are wanted and needed, to make a big thing happen. People with musical talent, ambition and the heart in the right spot are sought, to throw in their special gift, to help raise awareness and support for the political and social development in Sudan (Africa).

It is a more than serious matter. You can find info in the description box of this video, and more in depth details on the website that is linked there.

"A Beat for Peace" is a project that bases on drumbeats that are supposed to go around the world, and focus the attention on a country that has been civil-war ridden for years, and where two million people have died an unnecessary and brutal death.


The idea:

Make a video, based on this video here - let the music run in the background, for inspiration, or improvise freely, and make your own drumming / percussion video for Sudan!

Do you own a regular drum set / a ROCK BAND etc. drum set for the Wii / PS3 / XBox 360? Or maybe some Bongos, or a tambourine? A keyboard with drum sounds on it? Or do you know anyone who can help you out there? Then you're good to go.

You don't have any of these?
Okay - but you maybe still have a bullroarer from your childhood days ...
And certainly you will have a bucket or two in your house, or pots, tin canisters, glasses, cups or whatever device that you can make percussion music on? You have cheeks, a chest, thighs? Voilà! All else you need, still, are you hands, and rhythm!


Check out the info box of the video, to find the link to the campaign's official website , and learn more about the situation in Sudan, about how this 365 days lasting project works, and about what you can do, and how to submit your contribution.

There's no need to rush, yet, but still: Fresh ideas taste the best, so why not get started today? You can also experiment, and make more than one video; post the results of that as video responses over the upcoming weeks.
Describe in the info box where this video of yours was recorded, how you came to make it, and what your message is, and put the tagwords "Sudan365" and "beat for peace" to it, and then make it a video response.


Be creative - hit the "Record" button on your camera, jam along to the music, and give it oopmh! Go with the flow, and put a message into your music!

Maybe make a cardboard banner or other things, with a supportive message on them, for the people in Sudan, and the wish that peace will finally come to the two parts of their country!
Oh, and: You can either make this video alone, or together with friends / relatives / whoever wants to join in - the sky is the limit!
Here's still another thought: Make this a video project at your school, in music class - or gather some colleagues at your workplace and use your lunch break for a recording session!

And finally:
Don't say "I can't play the drums, I have no rhythm ..."

Everybody has rhythm, because everybody has a HEART - and this is the primal drum, the basic rhythm of life!

So: Give it a go, make something great happen, and have fun :-)!


P.S.: To get you into the mood, I still have another music video in store, that deals with the situation in Sudan, and has a lot of rhythm, too:

LIVING DARFUR (Official Music Video)

Dylan Cragle, HE TAUGHT ME (Original song)

The first original song of 13 year old


Dylan, this song is a gem!

Lyrics that are so intense and touching, as they portray the sad, frightening truth of so many children all over the world ... Music that carries this song with a powerful and yet so warm arrangement ...

And in the middle of everything, there's you - bringing this so intense prayer to life, so strong and yet delicate, in the best of possible ways, with one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard, and with an emotional quality that touches and moves me so much!


Saturday, January 9, 2010