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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blue Eyed / Brown Eyed ... A Class Devided


The Blue Eyed / Brown Eyed Exercise


"Don't judge a man,
before you have walked in his mocassins"
Sioux prayer


For more on the subject:


For more on former 3rd grade teacher
Jane Elliott
from Riceville, Iowa




Monday, August 9, 2010

THE LAST AIR BENDER ... I love M. Night Shyamalan

Since back in the days when I first watched the outstanding movie THE SIXTH SENSE, Manoj Nelliyatu "Night" Shyamalan is one of my all time favourite writer-directors.

And so, although I did not watch the Anime series AVATAR, and will watch the movie THE LAST AIR BENDER only when it comes out on DVD (as I only will watch the original version, and not the German dubbed one), I know I'll love this movie.

And as I just found that it's legal to embed the trailer of THE LAST AIR BENDER ... I will do exactly this here, by making this blog entry :-)!



Monday, August 2, 2010

On Death Penalty

Click image to enlarge!

who willfully ends
another life
by means of violence,
and thereby commits a murder,
shall be killed
by the bidding of the law."

(Loosely translated from the French original)

Picture taken from

André Franquin

A vast display of André Franquin's comic books
can be found


AutoPlay on YouTube ... now wait a minute!

Truedantalion comes back to vlogging, kinda ... forced back to the front office by YouTubes never ending series of inventing and implementing things that no one really needs (to put it nicely).

So I made two vlogs in one day, a short one and a long one - and the long one even celebrated the fact that YouTube had done something really cool: Allowing regular users to now upload videos up to 15 minutes in length :-)!

Still, this treat does not make the AutoPlay function one iota better. Check out the video and find out more. Feedback by comments on my video or here on this blog here are welcome!

The video holds a video response with the second vlog I made on that day. And that one is 11:28 long :-). Comments are welcome on this video, too, if you post videos yourself on ouTube and have to deal with the layout and functionality changes they made in the "My Videos" section ... not that any of those would have been necessary!