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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Life Lost

Ich werde versuchen, baldmöglichst
einen deutschsprachigen Blog zu dem Video zu schreiben.

It took me long evening and night hours
of being devastated and thinking
and, indeed, grieving for someone I had never met.
Only after that, on the next evening,
I was able to make this video.

And yet, long and longwinded as it may be,
whatever I say in this video
can't undo what happened.

Bullying brings pain and sadness to victims' lives.
At times, the impact of bullying breaks a soul entirely,
and then, a young life will be lost.

And what is with those who are left behind, 
when a kid, a teen, or a young adult end their lives?
 Dealing with such a loss is very nearly impossible
and takes out everything from
siblings, family and friends ...

And sometimes, it's just too much,
and then,
another life is lost.

We cannot have that.



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