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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Laurel & Hardy: Together Again (Documentary, 1983)

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The Complete Works of Laurel & Hardy on DVD
(International, Regional Code 2)

Die kompletten Werke von Laurel & Hardy
(Deutschsprachige Länder)

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This is a rarely seen 1983 documentary hosted by Bob Lang about Hal Roach's comedy team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, which are my absolute favourite international comedians of all time.

Dies ist eine selten gesehene Dokumentation aus dem Jahr 1983, moderiert von Bob Lang, über Hal Roachs Comedy-Team Stan Laurel und Oliver Hardy, die meine liebsten internationalen Komiker aller Zeiten sind.  

It features interviews with Lucille Hardy Price, Lois Laurel Hawes, Henry Brandon, Anita Garvin Stanley, T. Marvin Hatley and Eddie Quillan - and of course loads of snippets from Laurel & Hardy movies!

In der Dokumentation finden sich  Interviews mit Lucille Hardy Price, Lois Laurel Hawes, Henry Brandon, Anita Garvin Stanley, T. Marvin Hatley und Eddie Quillan - und natürlich eine große Menge von Auschnitten aus Laurel-und-Hardy-Filmen!

I hope you'll enjoy. Blog you soon!

Ich wünsche viel Spaß - das Anschauen lohnt auch bei  nicht so guten Englischkenntnissen, denn der Humor von Laurel & Hardy funktioniert auch ohne Worte :-) ...
Blog you soon!




donsden93 said...

Wow they were/are funny!:) My dad's faves!
He even has a coffee much w/their likenesses on it! He won't have his coffee in any other mug! lol!
We watched this doc 2gether.
U know Michael yesterday u brought me tears,2day u brought me laughter! Tnx SO much!-DONNIE :)~D

Truedantalion said...

I loved Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy already since I was a kid, along with other classic comedians from the earliest days of filming, like Buster Keaton, W. C. Fields (who has a very special kind of humour, see THE GOLF SPECIALIST http://truedantalion.blogspot.com/2010/02/w-c-fields-golf-specialist_02.html ) and, of couese, Charles Chaplin.

But over the years, Laurel and Hardy really became my absolute favourites, and I can watcht their movies again and again.

So nice to hear that your dad shares my love for them, and that you even watched the videos together! And his mug is a niiice detail :-)!

I'm glad that you found something here today that could balance out yesterday's sadness. As things are, those sad memories will hit us once in a while. Yet, if also happy and funny things show up here and there, we will be able to manage - this I do believe.