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Friday, October 23, 2009


A wonderful rendition of a wonderful song.
Lyrics that hold am intense and personal meaning to me,
brought to life
can't stop listening ...



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Kel - A Letter from Igor

"Dear Kel" is a letter that was written by a young a young YouTuber named Igor .

He wrote this letter to Kel, who he never got the chance to meet here on YouTube or in real life, but with who he would have become good friends, of that I am sure.

Igor asked me to make a video in honor and in memory of Kel from his letter, and I gladly agreed.



Words by

Selection of images and editing by


"Somebody out there"
Troye Sivan



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Libera, AVE MARIA (Soloist: Tom Cully)

Solo: Thomas Cully

by Gulio Caccini


(2008 - CD)



Monday, October 12, 2009

Amazing Instruments ...

Over the years, I have have developed a fancy for instruments that are a bit off the common grounds of what you see in music videos and on stages at a pop concert. So let me just note down a few things I found that might be worth "a look and a listen".

Praise be to YouTube, because I have the possibility to compile playlists on topics that interest me - "Amazing Instruments" being a series that I started some time ago. Apart from that, I'll also note down the official websites of the manufacturers.

If anyone wants to take a trip to wondrous realms of music, then please be my guest ...

P.S.: Sorry for the kind of frame breaking size of the pre-set YouTube video player - I decided to leave it that way, because, at least at times, size DOES matter :-)!

Hope you enjoy.


The Chapman Stick

(Official Stick Website)


Teuffel Guitars

(Official Teuffel Guitars Website)


The Haken Continuum Fingerboard

(Official Haken Website)



(Official Korg WAVEDRUM Website)


Hope you enjoy :-)


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two (no, 3!) Short Thoughts on Chief Wheezing Weasel, and other Career Plans that did not pan out

If you have the time, then please visit


I made this vlog the other day, dealing with some musings about what twists and turns my life did NOT take, due to the fact that I had been ridden with Asthma since around the age of 6 or 7. Simply check out the video, then you know how serious (or not, haha!) this influenced my life.


By the way: I got pretty much rid of my Asthma over the years. Here's how:

I acquired Asthma at the age of around 6, and it was really mega-bad. A cousin of mine had Asthma too; she was some 9 years older than me and died at the age of 14, while she had to take a cure in Davos (Switzerland).

Due to my Asthma, I was a regular wreckage most of the time for 5 years to follow.

It was decided then that, partially due to my illness, my family would move to another area of Germany, which was located on a high altitude (1000 m above sea level) and had a much better air quality.

Apart from the change to that location (where the air is really better!), I got tested anew, and was from then on treated with new medication:

The Asthma Spray Berotec (against Asthma fits) was my first real life saver and let me breathe like a normal human being again!

Over the following years, while I lived in that region, I got pretty much free of symptoms.

Moving to Augsburg as a grownup changed the situation again (air quality much lower!), and so, after some years of getting a worse and worse condition again, my new doctor prescribed me Budesonid(e), another spray, against the constant inflammation of my bronchi.

And THAT did the trick! I really HIGHLY recommend this medication combi:

Budesonid(e) reguarly (twice a day), and Berotec used wisely in case of need (serious breathing problems / Asthma fit).

Used twice a day, Budesonid(e) reduced the distress, because it was working at the cause of the problem that could be done something about (= the inflammation in me, not the allergy triggers - can't kill off all furry animals just because of me, right?).

I had to use Berotec less and less due to that, and finally the day arrived that, by these two medications used wisely during some years, I could say that I was and am completely symptom free, for good and up to the present day.

Two things bring back the problems, though:

When I get a cold, it will always also make my Asthma come back with a vengeance. No fun time for me. then. But when the cold wanes again, my Asthma leaves me alone some time later again, too. Phew!

And animal hair still triggers my Asthma within a few hours. So I still am respectful of animals and really love them, but I keep a healthy distance to the furry ones to them whenever possible.

Well, except for cats. Cats are the greatest, and they don't trigger my Asthma. I'm not kidding! With them, I have been stable now over the years - and I love that the most about my illness :-)!



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thomas Feiner, YONDERHEAD

There's seriously not a single day passing by,
that I do not watch this video.

Although I must say that
"listen to the video"
nails it better.

Repercussions from the Soul
don't need no pictures
from the outside.


Taken from the album

Thomas Feiner



Saturday, October 3, 2009


"Tempus fugit - Time flies" ... yes, indeed, but I can only walk!

These last weeks have been very busy for me, in so many ways. Apart from many things going on in the daytime / job etc. area that consumed time, I have made so many new contacts, got new YT friends and got new subscribers for Kelvinwontcry2, and I received so many wonderful comments and messages and answered to them ...

I thank you all so much for this.

Still, I did not manage to catch up on all my subscriptions, and so, I only today discovered this amazing video, that my friend Stephen aka philishave63 made as a present for Kelvinwontcry2.

It is a beautiful gift for Kel, but also for you and me, and so I invite you to watch it, and hope you enjoy. And please, leave a comment, if something comes to mind, to say hello to Stephen.


In the Dreamtime is a marvellous place to stay.
Kel may be gone, but he is never far away.
To feel his presence in my weary heart and soul
Gives me strength and joy, and makes me whole.