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Monday, June 28, 2010


Russia 1962

directed by
Andrei Tarkovsky


Nikolai Burlyayev
Valentin Zubkov
Yevgeni Zharikov
Stepan Krylov
Nikolai Grinko
Irma Raush

Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov

Vadim Yusov


Ever so often, I discover things on YouTube by Related Videos of something I watched before, or also by the video recommendations on my Starting Page.

Today, I stumbled over a complete posting of Andrei Tarkowski's debut film IVAN'S CHILDHOOD from 1962. As I knew about the movie, but had not watched it, I took the time and did so. And I found reason enough to collect it in a playlist on my channel, and then also to make a entry here.

The movie is in Russian, with English subtitles.


I had indeed watched several scenes from this movie before: In a fan-made video for the song THE BOY WITH THE GUN by David Sylvian.

Although the lyrics and the movie's plot don't match in detail, I found the video very amazing, as I loved the song, and was captivated by the intenity of the images. Hope you enjoy ...

David Sylvian

from the album



Saturday, June 19, 2010

Arcadian Broad - An Amazing Talent Needs Your Support

Arcadian Broad ...

So many people in the US and (thanks to YouTube!) also from abroad, got to know Arcadian Broad in summer 2009, when he was taking part at the AMERICA'S GOT TALENT contest, amazing judges and audiences all over the place by his stunning dancing talent.

Please meet Arcadian now, in 2010, with a personal message to all his fans and friends out there. Discover the many artistic talents of this amazing young man - and find out how you can support him in realizing an important task on his way to make a professional career in the entertainment business, presenting his art, skills and passion to audiences and professionals alike.


Please leave a video comment for Arcadian if you like!

And please share the video with all your friends,
as we need to spread the word!


To get on board with The Arcadian Broad Project,
please go to
Every donation is highly appreciated,
and you'll get a personal thank you from Arcadian.
Find out more about that on the website!

Please visit
Arcadian Broad's official YouTube channel
and subscribe - lots of videos coming up!

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Arcadian's homepage


This video contains a rendition of Cindi Lauper's song TIME AFTER TIME. The tune was performed by the group "Heartstrings", two guys who do a *stunning* job playing the Chapman Stick.


This video was made by
Michael aka Truedantalion

Hope you enjoy :-)!



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BROKEN CRAYONS (2009) - Official Trailer


A Hispanic boy named Sean, who has recently become an orphan, arrives at his new home, a small orphanage. He meets the teacher and headmistress and the kids that live there, and although at first sight, the surroundings seem idyllic, it becomes clear very soon that this place holds no love, compassion, friendship and trust among the inmates.

Trying to find his way there, Sean soon has to make a decision, whether to blend in with the others, or to speak up against an atmosphere of injustice and maltreatment on so many levels. But tragedy strikes, and leaves every one dumbfounded, aghast and helpless.

"A microcosm of America ..."
(Alessio Cappelletti, director)


USA 2009
Short movie, written and directed
Alessio Cappelletti


Anthony Gonzalez
"Sean Mendez"

Beth Campbell
"Miss Boaguard"

Josh Babb

Huntter McGonigle
"Ashley Johnson"

Osmar Freire

Vinny Bonina
(aka YouTuber SingRKid)

Kyle Bostrom

Andrew Terrero

Eric Halvarson


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on DVD

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