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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pottermore's Senility ...

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"Sign up to Pottermore!"
... idiots ...

So I got an e-mail from Pottermore today.


Back in the day, this used to be an event that promised happy things to be revealed. Nowadays, it's  more like "Phh ..." - not much more than a sign that nothing is moving forward any more at this so much expected site, and that the operators even fall prey to a form of senility.

I immediately wrote a response to that stupid mail ... but of course, it could not be delivered, because the sender address is a no-reply account. Couldn't they have written that in the sender's name? Wouldn't hurt to play with open cards there ...

But well - what for is a blog good other than putting out stuff that, otherwise, would be lost? So, here's the reply I wrote.

Know that you're not off my hook, Pottermore - live up to your potential finally!


It's fairly disappointing to get this e-mail from you.

OF COURSE I am signed up to Pottermore! I am one of the one million beta testers from summer 2011, and therefore have been through all that Pottermore had to offer a long time ago.

You might want to keep better track of your registration lists to avoid such mailing blunders. Shouldn't be too tough, even if there is only Muggle data base technology at your disposal!

Pottermore to me has lost most of it's appeal, because you have been limping from the start and taken way too long to finally get somewhere with allowing the public to sign up finally. The first disappointment was the one million restriction in the beginning, and then not to keep up to your deadline (October 2011) was the mood killer par excellence. Yes yes, I know: There was still al ot of work to invest - but anyhow!

And to then take still another six months before things moving is simply taking it over the top in a bad as can be way!

And if I log in now: Still nothing moving beyond exploring the site beyond the end of THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, huh? Sorry, but this is sad, just sad.

Don't expect me back before all seven volumes are available to eplore on the site. And, no, I do not want to kill time by continously brewing potions and engaging myself in and endless number of magical duels with people I can hardly interact otherwise on the site.

Pottermore is not taking off - STILL isn't. Please make it do so, and THEN write to me again. But not as to one of the still outsiders, please!

Disappointed greetings from Germany,

aka RainKnight137



1 comment:

Melissa Federer said...

I got the same email today, I wasnt able to get into the original beta test....and 4 hours later, Im now kinda bored. Yeah I suppose I could make potions or duel if Im *really* bored and the rest of the internet is broken or something....but otherwise Im with you. I think Ill wait to see if this site kind of dies just out of the gates or they do something interesting