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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I think Stevie Wonder would be p***ed!

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My video "It is okay if you're gay ... Stop Bullying Now!" is getting some 800 to 1,200 views every day, and also many comments. Most of these comments are of a compassionate nature, and there are also people sharing personal experiences with being bullied. 

For some time now, there are also haters, homophobes and religious zealots who find their way to this video that I made in October 2010 ...

... a video in reaction to the shocking news of four gay American teenagers (two of them aged 13, one 15 and one 18 years old) taking their lives within just a few weeks, for being bullied relentlessly because of their sexual orientation.

Said people feel entitled to leave comments, too - but not of a constructive nature. Their goal is to spread hate, contempt and prejudices, and to hurt other people's feelings.

Although I don't condone any of these things in the comments section of this very special video, I still grant every one of those troublemakers three chances to change their ways a bit, to adjust their tone to a more neutral level, and to actually bring in some arguments, or at least to voice their opinion without being derogatory, offensive and insensitive.

At times, there is actually a dialogue developing between such people and me. Yesterday and today, the latest conversation of such a nature took place, and as it started in the comments section, but then turned to an exchange of a few private messages instead, I want to post this dialogue here. It's all original copy and paste - no alterations, no add-ons, no omissions ... The real stuff!

If you want to let me know what you think of what you are about to read: There is a comments section with this blog, too, down at the end of the text box. Just sayin' :-)!


A comment by YouTube user

Shut up. Fag love isn't real love. If two men say their in love their lying and gay. That's two sins! Go to hell fags

Comment reply by

I always wonder what makes people who are not gay think they are able to judge these things from their outsider's position - saying that gay love is not real love, or that being gay is a decision etc. Let me know what you base your statements on; I actually would like to know.

Oh, in your reply to my question, please avoid cussing and name calling. It IS possible to voice an opinion without adding stench. Thank you.
#1 out of 3

Note: The "#1 out of 3" refers to the three chances I grant to trolls and haters, who only come to leave spiteful, hurtful and offensive comments. I want every one to be able to engage in the conversation, and of course they are free to have a different opinion, and express that, but I expect a certain level of respect and manners when doing so. If someone blows their third attempt, I block that user, so he or she cannot comment on my videos any more.

As Jesuswashere13ad received some very harsh replies in opposition to his comment from other YouTubers, he chose to leave the comments section of the video, and wrote a personal message to me instead, and from that developed a not very long, but very representative conversation, the likes of which I've had quite a few now during the last months:


Well I base these FACTS on the chemical reaction in the brain, when a human sees a member of the OPPOSITE sex they release a chemical that causes infatuation which then cases the elements of LOVE. But when a queer sees an attractive member of the same sex these chemicals aren't released. Instead the same chemicals that are released are that off seeing your favorite store or seeing a good friend. So homo love is only the same as when I say "I love ice cream"


Just for the sake of the argument, allow me a question: According to your thought, how do straight people who are blind feel real love?

And: How is "the opposite sex" being defined in the optical perception?

The idea of what you describe works (at best) in ways of receiving signals = primary or secondary sex characteristics. But analogous to the olfactory perception of pheromones, those do not trigger the emotion we call "love". They trigger the biological readiness to engage in sexual intercourse for the purpose of reproduction. And this one detail, I do agree, can only be undertaken by members of male and female sex, in order to create new human life.

But we are not talking about the technical detail of reproduction / making babies here.

Your theory does not cover the complex and deep emotion of love, that is the base for any kind of emotional relationship - between male and female humans, male and male, female and female, and even between parents and their kids, and vice versa.

Love is not reduced to sexual attraction, let alone to the ability of making babies. The latter function is undoubtedly important for the continuance of humanity as a species. But to reduce human love to this technical detail would be more than superficial, and more than wrong.

Fags can't fall in love. What's so hard to get about that? Are you retarded too? You will never be able to feel actual love. Go ahead just tell yourself you feel it. Keep lying to yourself faggot

Aha. No evidence from your side, or scientific / psychological reference sources for your argumentation and your "FACTS", but only walking in circles, repeating the thought and adding a derogative label to it, plus being offensive to me.

You're not scoring any points here - but you knew that already.

Let me ask you:

"Fags can't fall in love." - Where does that statement of yours come from? How can you "know" this and be so sure about it?

Well, two theories:

Either you are homosexual yourself (still closeted, or out) and feel deeply frustrated because you did not find real love in your life yet (I mean not in the parent / child direction, but in the romantic way). But to then conclude from your current personal situation to the fact that *all* homosexual people *can't* find this feeling for someone (or receive it from a special someone) is wrong as can be.

Luckily, you are not the measure of all things / the prototype of all homosexual people there are. There IS real love out there for homosexual people, just as well as for straight people. Because love is a *human* emotion, as I explained, a most basic one, valid and existing and to be found for *everyone*, and not only for straight people (except, according to your theorem, for straight people who are blind ... still no answer to that question of mine, huh?).

The second potential base of your "knowledge" is that ... well, that *you simply don't know at all*, but try to somehow "understand" something from the outside without being able to get in - because you are NOT a homosexual person, but try to define things for them / on their behalf.

This is just as good (or better: foolish) as if when I, as a man, try to explain to a woman that menstruation cramps are just a little annoying rumble in the belly ... that heat flashes for a woman going through menopause is "just sweating a bit, so get over it" ... or if I wanted to express how it actually feels to give birth to a child.

=> I can't! Because I never ever got my period, I will never "go through the change" and lose the ability to produce eggs as I neither have ovaries nor a uterus ... and I for sure was never pregnant and then gave birth to a child.

So, the heck, WHY, if I can't KNOW from experience, why would I start lecturing people about those things?!

I don't. But you do.

If you (as I suppose) are a straight person and have no whatsoever clue how it is to be homosexual, how you feel as one, and what you can experience as a gay boy / man or a lesbian girl / woman ... why do you keep hurling out your non-knowledge, throw it into people's faces and keep offending and hurting them with your words?

What makes you the judge who defines what love is?

As far as I can read from your words and theories, you don't even have a real clue how heterosexuals fall in love ("the chemical reaction in the brain, when a human sees a member of the OPPOSITE sex they release a chemical that causes infatuation which then cases the elements of LOVE" ... hello?!? Stevie Wonder will be PISSED at you if he hears about that!).

And yet, I truly and honestly hope and wish that for you, it has indeed happened, that you were hit by Amor's arrow, and found THE person who was everything you could hope for.

Or, if this actually has not happened yet: May it happen soon. You deserve it. And man, are you in for good things there!

Not gonna read your long comment faggot. Not because I can't read or someother gay remark but because I don't want to Rot put my brain with your gay lack of intelligent knowledge. if I wanna know how to match my designer jeans with a tank top or get my father to regret me being bored I'll call you

So you are not able to engage in a discussion and exchange real arguments. And you also don't want to show some respect for your dialogue partner by at least reading what he writes (me, I read your every word, as you may have noticed). But you are able to juggle with clichés, and season those sentences with derogative remarks.

I'm impressed.


Well, this is where the conversation ended. 
At least I did not get any new reply from 

Oh, wait, wait - update:
Today (May 21st 2012),
I reveived a new message fom him:


A question, if I may ...?

So for now, I will have to leave you here
with this cliffhanger ...

Will he answer?
What will I ask?

I'll keep you updated :-)!



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