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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Kel - A Letter from Igor

"Dear Kel" is a letter that was written by a young a young YouTuber named Igor .

He wrote this letter to Kel, who he never got the chance to meet here on YouTube or in real life, but with who he would have become good friends, of that I am sure.

Igor asked me to make a video in honor and in memory of Kel from his letter, and I gladly agreed.



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"Somebody out there"
Troye Sivan




Anonymous said...

not fair. vidoes i think great but would't you rather the person still be here :( what i think when i see these videos, why did person who made vidoe leave?


Truedantalion said...

Igor, the boy who sent me this wonderful letter to Kel (with things that he felt he needed to say to Kel) had to close his YouTube channel from one day to the other in December 2009. It was obviously due to his parents's bidding, and he could not do anything against it.

A mutual friend had a short talk with Igor once after this had happened, and Igor said that he was okay, but did not want to go into the details why he had had to leave. It was not his own choice or decision, though!

As for your question ... I would give all I have, even my own life, to have Kel back. I would do so, in an instant, no thinking necessary.

Sadly, there is no way to make such a bargain. But I know and feel that, by sharing memories about Kel, and by telling people who want to know something about him what I can, keeps him alive a little bit.

This may be nt much ... but it is so much better than nathing, and it helps to ease my sadness a little bit.

Anonymous said...

did not think about other's feeling's before posted that can delete it. if want and sry fir all comments . seems so sad from in memory videos I often wonder how get through missing someone must be so hard feel bad for anyone has lost anyone.

Anonymous said...


Truedantalion said...

No need to delete - nothig you aid hurt anyone else's feelings. And: Every single comment is welcome here, I mean it.

Losing someone for ever means that a piece of you (that he was) is missing. For ever. It leaves a hole in your heart, and nothing can replace what is not there any more. And it also will never close, this hole. You will feel the emptiness every time you think of the person.

What does help, though, is to have other people in your life (who also have a place in your heart) being there for you, support you, comfort you, or even only just ask, and then really and honestly listen to what you need to say.

These parts in your heart (that these people are) will then shine even brighter than before, and help equal out the darkness and emptiness that comes from the gap (that the person who passed away left in you).

Sharing memories, and remembering happy things with those persons in your life, about the one who is no longer there, is like flowers and maybe even a tree that grow on the edge of that hole, which are beautiful in themselves, and bring a bit of new life and beauty to this empty place in you. Like ointment for a spot on your body where you hou hurt.

takenaway14 said...



Truedantalion said...

Hello, takenaway14!

Thanks so much for your comment, which brought the upcoming short movie "Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale" to my attention. I checked out the trailer, and also the Indigogo donation page, plus themovie's Facebook and Twitter acount.

I then decided to make a donation, to support the short movie, and I then even took the whole thing one step further, by writing a new blog on the project:


I will still make a German translation of this blog (as I now always do), to also reach my German speaking readers with this info, and hopefully whip up some support.

And I will also get in touch with director / producer Alison Parker, to hopefully get permission to upload the trailer to my second YouTube channel


to feature it there and spread the word, as I have done with other movies before already.

Again, thanks so much for your comment on this blog entry here, and for your great tip. Much appreciated!

If you like, please drop me a line at truedantalion@googlemail.com - I would love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...


Truedantalion said...

This is a very intense scene from a very good series ... I just finished watching, and it made me think a lot, about quite a few things shown there. With some of them I agree, with others I don't. And what the people down on the street do, is disgusting.

One thing I can say, though ... in spite of what that radio DJ said - there *are* people who care. Always. Sometimes right next to you, and sometimes in places where you never would expect to find them.