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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two (no, 3!) Short Thoughts on Chief Wheezing Weasel, and other Career Plans that did not pan out

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I made this vlog the other day, dealing with some musings about what twists and turns my life did NOT take, due to the fact that I had been ridden with Asthma since around the age of 6 or 7. Simply check out the video, then you know how serious (or not, haha!) this influenced my life.


By the way: I got pretty much rid of my Asthma over the years. Here's how:

I acquired Asthma at the age of around 6, and it was really mega-bad. A cousin of mine had Asthma too; she was some 9 years older than me and died at the age of 14, while she had to take a cure in Davos (Switzerland).

Due to my Asthma, I was a regular wreckage most of the time for 5 years to follow.

It was decided then that, partially due to my illness, my family would move to another area of Germany, which was located on a high altitude (1000 m above sea level) and had a much better air quality.

Apart from the change to that location (where the air is really better!), I got tested anew, and was from then on treated with new medication:

The Asthma Spray Berotec (against Asthma fits) was my first real life saver and let me breathe like a normal human being again!

Over the following years, while I lived in that region, I got pretty much free of symptoms.

Moving to Augsburg as a grownup changed the situation again (air quality much lower!), and so, after some years of getting a worse and worse condition again, my new doctor prescribed me Budesonid(e), another spray, against the constant inflammation of my bronchi.

And THAT did the trick! I really HIGHLY recommend this medication combi:

Budesonid(e) reguarly (twice a day), and Berotec used wisely in case of need (serious breathing problems / Asthma fit).

Used twice a day, Budesonid(e) reduced the distress, because it was working at the cause of the problem that could be done something about (= the inflammation in me, not the allergy triggers - can't kill off all furry animals just because of me, right?).

I had to use Berotec less and less due to that, and finally the day arrived that, by these two medications used wisely during some years, I could say that I was and am completely symptom free, for good and up to the present day.

Two things bring back the problems, though:

When I get a cold, it will always also make my Asthma come back with a vengeance. No fun time for me. then. But when the cold wanes again, my Asthma leaves me alone some time later again, too. Phew!

And animal hair still triggers my Asthma within a few hours. So I still am respectful of animals and really love them, but I keep a healthy distance to the furry ones to them whenever possible.

Well, except for cats. Cats are the greatest, and they don't trigger my Asthma. I'm not kidding! With them, I have been stable now over the years - and I love that the most about my illness :-)!



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