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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Manuel and Luka - a Reading Video Series from an Original Story (Re-Post)

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A reading video series
by Truedantalion

from an original
short story
written by

Copyright 1988 / 2008 / 2011

Hopefully soon available on Kindle


MANUEL AND LUKA is a story that I wrote during almost the whole year of 1988.

It was a birthday present for Carlos, a Brazilian foster child who I supported at that time via the German branch of the welfare organization World Vision.

I had decided to make Carlos a special and personal birthday present, and so I wrote the first two chapters of the story you will find here during December 1987, and then sent them to Brazil.

There, my story (written in English) was being translated to Portuguese, and then read to Carlos by a field worker, as he was still too young to read such a chunk by himself ... but Carlos was not too young to listen :-)!

When I started this project, I did not know which ways the story would take, and would finally lead me and my young reader to in the end, as it evolved during the months to follow - because I had only the beginning of the plot fixed:

Two characters meet, who, at first sight, are very different (and yet have so much in common!), and they start building up a friendship that gives both of them so very much ... But this friendship is to be put on the test by things that are out of their control.

My story MANUEL AND LUKA has been with me over all these years. A while after it was finished, I made a German translation, so my parents and my sister could read it. And then, the Brazilian office of World Vision finally even sent me a complete edition of their Portuguese translation of MANUEL AND LUKA, which was really awesome to see :-)!

In 2008, after having made my start as a YouTuber, I thought about making a video reading series from my story some day. Due to a new friendship I found back then, and something very sad happening in the life of that new friend of mine after a few weeks, my story all of a sudden became very important, in a most intense way ...

In the aftermath of what had happened, I then realized my video project in November 2008. I first recorded the complete audio narration in one single day, and then edited and uploaded one chapter every following night. By that, I managed to have the complete video series on YouTube within less than two weeks.

And now, three years after the video project, I hope to publish my story soon on Amazon Kindle - the English original, und auch die deutsche Fassung, complemented with original illustrations that are in the works at the moment, made by a dear friend from America. I'll keep you posted on that!

Until then, I would like to invite you to check out my video series. Hope you enjoy ... Comments welcome, here, or on YouTube,



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