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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Too much?

Well, yesterday evening I had the situation that I was
  • text messaging on Skype with Kasapamese, including watching some videos, via links she sent me
  • receiving and answering an occasional message or video comment from / on YouTube, and watching some new videos from persons I have subscribed to, including commenting on them
  • being added by and then chatting with a new online friend from Ireland via my PS3
Basically, I was jumping to and fro between my living room, where the PS3 etc. is located, and my workplace. And there were actually things going on on all three of these communication channels.

It was multiple.
It was colourful.
It was enlightening.

It was hectic at times.
It was in bits and pieces, and with abbrevitations.
It was puzzling.


This "Threesome" lasted for some time.

Then Kaspamese had to go, and I focused on the guy from Ireland. And the messages from YouTube.

My new friend from Ireland and I chatted via the PS3, which means inputting text with the game controller. I'm pretty swift with that, and there I make even less typos, as you input character after character. My little Irish guy, 13 years of age (well, console gaming is for the young, and the young at heart!) was swifter, as he wrote in shorter sentences and used abbreviations from time to time. But we clicked very well, anyhow. After checking my YouTube channel, he said that I looked like 21. Oh my ... :-)!

This conversation lasted for several hours. I'm probably gonna chat with him again today.


And finally, in the dead of night, Dominik called on Skype, and we had a conversation which was ... well, it was a conversation with Dominik. Says it all.

It was multiple.
It was colourful.
It was enlightening.
It was funny.
It was intense.

It was ... the whole package.
No pun intended.



Well, to answer to the topic of this post:

No, it's not "too much". But it's much, indeed. It's multi-tasking, and of a kind that is very interesting, as it's connected with people. More and more people. Interesting people. People that deserve full attention, each one of them. Not only bits and pieces, and abbreviations.

As long as I can invest as much time, brains, heart and soul as each of these people deserves ...

... it's not too much.

So: I'm fine.

For now.

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