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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beyond the Window

Posted courtesy of Marissa Delbressine , the maker of this wonderful short film.


BEYOND THE WINDOW kind of depicts in symbolical and wonderfully poetic ways what has happened here between me and a young YouTuber named Kel, and exclusively via via YouTube messages, between February and April 2009 ...

Kel and I met by happenstance; he mistakenly wrote a comment in my channel. I wrote him a message back, not knowing whether I had somewhat offended him without knowing, or whether I could help him with something. He wrote back and and apologized for his mistake. That was it at first.

Short of two weeks later, Kel returned with a message, asking me to help him find the channel of a YouTube friend who's contact he had lost. I failed to do so, but in the process, Kel began to tell me about why he was searching for this friend; I asked a question or two about things I did not understand, we got to talking ... and by that, a contact between two persons started evolving that took us on a journey to beautiful spots as well as to dreadfully saddening and downright dangerous spaces.

I came to become an influence in Kel's life; someone who listened to him, who also felt what he said, who thought about it and then answered.

And there was lots of things going on in Kel's life; most of them, indeed, painful, strenuous, saddening - like, for example, being bullied at school every day.

Some of these things, though, also wonderful and exhilarating.

We shared many of these things, and I did all I could - by building up self-esteem in Kel, by boosting his courage and make him see that even the weak are not entirely helpless, and even the lonely are not really alone.

We've accomplished a lot together, Kel and I. He had a good life ahead of him, that of I was sure, and so was he. Though not without problems, the prospects were good, and he saw his chances ...

But a tragic accident ended the life of Kel, before he could make this fresh start that he was about to venture.

It is so terrible what happened - and yet ... every sad ending to something may bear some saplings of something good, if you just know where to look within yourself, to make that happen.

I have found these things in me, although I had to work myself through the debris that was left of my heart, after Kel died, and the smoldering ashes of my belief that life is good.

I found things, and I know now how to carry on. I found things that are worth pursuing, and these things originate in Kel, receive their energy from all the loads of experiences I had and made with him, and these things will make a difference, even if it is just a small one.

Kel's death was a tragic and unnecessary loss. But he will live on, and his message will be heard.

We'll make it. You'll see.

aka Michael
aka mic



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