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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beyond the Window

Posted courtesy of Marissa Delbressine , the maker of this wonderful short film.


BEYOND THE WINDOW kind of depicts in symbolical and wonderfully poetic ways what has happened here between me and a young YouTuber named Kel, and exclusively via via YouTube messages, between February and April 2009 ...

Kel and I met by happenstance; he mistakenly wrote a comment in my channel. I wrote him a message back, not knowing whether I had somewhat offended him without knowing, or whether I could help him with something. He wrote back and and apologized for his mistake. That was it at first.

Short of two weeks later, Kel returned with a message, asking me to help him find the channel of a YouTube friend who's contact he had lost. I failed to do so, but in the process, Kel began to tell me about why he was searching for this friend; I asked a question or two about things I did not understand, we got to talking ... and by that, a contact between two persons started evolving that took us on a journey to beautiful spots as well as to dreadfully saddening and downright dangerous spaces.

I came to become an influence in Kel's life; someone who listened to him, who also felt what he said, who thought about it and then answered.

And there was lots of things going on in Kel's life; most of them, indeed, painful, strenuous, saddening - like, for example, being bullied at school every day.

Some of these things, though, also wonderful and exhilarating.

We shared many of these things, and I did all I could - by building up self-esteem in Kel, by boosting his courage and make him see that even the weak are not entirely helpless, and even the lonely are not really alone.

We've accomplished a lot together, Kel and I. He had a good life ahead of him, that of I was sure, and so was he. Though not without problems, the prospects were good, and he saw his chances ...

But a tragic accident ended the life of Kel, before he could make this fresh start that he was about to venture.

It is so terrible what happened - and yet ... every sad ending to something may bear some saplings of something good, if you just know where to look within yourself, to make that happen.

I have found these things in me, although I had to work myself through the debris that was left of my heart, after Kel died, and the smoldering ashes of my belief that life is good.

I found things, and I know now how to carry on. I found things that are worth pursuing, and these things originate in Kel, receive their energy from all the loads of experiences I had and made with him, and these things will make a difference, even if it is just a small one.

Kel's death was a tragic and unnecessary loss. But he will live on, and his message will be heard.

We'll make it. You'll see.

aka Michael
aka mic



Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Memory of Kel

(short for Kelvin)
aka kelvinwontcry

February 5th 1996 - April 19th 2009


I post this song here,
in loving memory of

... a great kid
... a fun guy
... a brave and courageous boy
... a thinker of smartness and wisdom way beyond his age
... a loving and caring soul
... and a wonderful friend.

I will always love you
I will be proud of you every day
I will miss you forever
and I will never forget you.

Auf Wiedersehen, Kel.
You'll make it. You'll see.


Michael Hedges & Michael Manring, DIRGE



Saturday, April 18, 2009


Taken from


This video is not related
to Kel



k6tpl answers to the video "Homosexuality Is evil and Satanic"

Taken from


This video is not related
to Kel


Friday, April 17, 2009

Billy Gilman, OKLAHOMA

This is the favourite video of someone
I have come to love so much ...

He watched it every day,
because it gave him hope.

Now he is gone; he ran away,
and I miss him so much ...

And I watch this video now every day,
because it gives ME hope.



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

David Sylvian, WORLD CITIZEN

World Citizen

There goes one baby's life
It's such a small amount
She's un American
I guess it doesn't count

Six thousand children's lives
Were simply thrown away
Lost without medicine
Inside of thirty days

In the New York harbour
Where the stock's withheld
It was the price we paid
For a safer world

World is suffering
World is suffering
World is suffering
World citizen

In Madhya Pradesh
Where they're building dams
They're displacing native people
From their homes and lands

So they hunger strike
Cos they believe they count
To lose a single life
Is such a small amount

In the name of progress
And democracy
The concepts represented in name only

His world is suffering
Her world is suffering
Their world is suffering
World citizen

World citizen

And the buildings fall
In a cloud of dust
And we ask ourselves
How could they hate us?
Well, when we live in ignorance and luxury
While our super powers practice
Puppet mastery

We raise the men
Who run the fascist states
And we sell them arms
So they maintain their place

We turn our backs
On the things they done
Their human rights record
And the guns they run

His world is suffering
Her world is suffering
Their world is suffering
World citizen

My world is suffering
Your world is suffering
Our world is suffering
World citizen

Who'll do away with flags?
Who'll do us proud?
Remove the money from their pockets
Scream dissent out loud?

Cos god ain't on our side
The shoe won't fit
And though they think the war is won
That's not the last of it

Disenfranchised people
Need their voices heard
And if no one stops to listen
Lose their faith in words

And violence rises
When all hope is lost
Who'll embrace the human spirit
And absorb the cost?

Not one life is taken
In my name
In my name

His world is suffering
Her world is suffering
Their world is suffering
World citizen

My world is suffering
Your world is suffering
Our world is suffering
World citizen

For further information on David Sylvian's music and poetry please visit:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


And slowly, you come to realize
It's all as it should be
You can only do so much

If you're game enough
You could place your trust in me

For the love of life
There's a trade off
We could lose it all
But we'll go down fighting

And what of the children?
Surely they can't be blamed for our mistakes?

And slowly I've come to realize
It's all as it should be

That hiding space
A lonely place

How can the right thing be so wrong?
I've found mistakes
Where they don't belong

For the love of life
We'll defeat this
They may tear us down
But we'll go down fighting

Won't we?


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Troye Sivan, FOR THEM

This is the official music video of FOR THEM, the first song that was written especially for Australian singer and actor (Young Logan in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE) Troye Sivan. Hope you enjoy!

Visit Troye Sivan's YouTube channel (troyesivan18) and subscribe if you haven't yet - currently ten videos with stunning singing performances of Troye Sivan await you!

And now, read Troye's own words on this song ...


Hi Guys, the purpose of making this project is to raise awareness that there are over 100 MILLION homeless children living on the streets around the world. So please, if you want to help these kids, who can't help themselves anymore, then share this video with your friends and family.

Troye Sivan

Do YOU want to help?

Visit www.unicef.org

and make a donation!