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Friday, May 14, 2010

"PROMISES stops you in your tracks. (...) It is a movie that changes you."


is a stunning and prize winning feature documentary
by Justine Shapiro, B.Z. Goldberg and Carlos Bolado.

I highly recommend watching it.
You can buy the documentary on DVD


The story of PROMISES

Jewish filmmaker B.Z. Goldberg returns from America to Jerusalem, where he grew up as a kid, and starts a documentary about seven Jewish and Palestinian children, who only live 20 minutes away from each other - but due to the political situation, will never get to meet and know each other.

During the documentary, something ground breaking happens:

The children, who first describe the world they live in, defined by separation, war, brutality and death, all of a sudden utter the wish of getting to know "the other kids" ... And so, Palestine and Jewish children meet each other on one day.

They realize that, although there are many political, historical and social obstacles, that separate their two nations, there are even more (and more important!) things that connect them.


Reviews, voices and thoughts on PROMISES ...

"PROMISES stops you in your tracks. It reminds you that children are very connected to God. It is deeply touching and disturbing to see how alike all children are and how religion turns them into each others enemies. It is a movie that changes you."
(Mike Nichols, Film Director)

"A project of love and devotion... This small film is a large masterpiece."
(The Jerusalem Post, Israel)

"Impressive, moving and deeply authentic. One of the best films about the Middle East I have ever seen. The rhythm of the editing leaves you at the edge of your chair. If I had my way, the next Middle East peace summit would start with a screening of PROMISES."
(David Grossman, Israeli author: The Yellow Wind; See Under: Love)



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