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Saturday, July 4, 2009

To Jacob ... Alex and Nat Wolff feat. Barack Obama, YES WE CAN

A good friend sent me the above mentioned video.

And while I was finishing this post here,
sharing this video with my blog ...

The post looked completely different then,
just posting the video
and the song's lyrics,
and delivering some
4th of July greetings)

... this friend was
closing his YouTube account,
that he had established
only two days before.

It was his second account.
He had closed the first one
because he was being harassed
by some
YouTube hater idiot
and couldn't take it any more.

I was so happy when he came back
about a week later!
Two days ago ...
... only two days.

And we messaged again,
and shared
good videos
good thoughts.

I thought he was fine,
felt comfortable and secure
and was able to make a fresh start.

He wasn't.

He sent me a short good bye message ...



appericate everything
i am feeling not good about somethings
and it's just never going to be the same
take care


That's all that I have left
for now
from a really nice guy.

The hater idiots,
scum of the Web,
ignorant, spiteful and antisocial
vermin ...

... they are still there
like dog's faeces on a shoe,
sticking and stinking.

I feel like hurting a creature like that
in return ...

... for the hurt
that this creature has brought
to a good person
who could not defend himself
and, therefore, took damage.

Hurting with words ...
... fear me when I start doing this.

Take shelter, vermin, if I do that.

Bury yourself alive.
And delve deep.
Or cut off your ears.
Maybe it will help.
Maybe, though, it will only hurt.

Do anything so you don't hear me.

Rueing the day when you were born
is not a nice feeling.
But that's what you would do
if you had to listen to me now ...
if I'd express the anger that
rushes through me
at this moment.

But ...

... being
you find me
helpless ...

... unable
to fight fire with fire
to claim
an eye for an eye
and a heart for a heart.

For me:

Just the sadness
about losing a friend
that I had already lost once before.
And missing him
... again.

you're a great guy,
you have the heart in the right spot,
you have a good and caring soul,
and you think good thoughts.

I miss you
I hope that
you'll return.
Make a new account.
Or just e-mail me.

I can't afford losing good and dear people.
Can't afford losing them by a brutal death,
or due to harassment, and a broken heart.


And now
follows the video that he sent me.

I loved it so much before.
I still do.

But I watch it with different eyes now.




[Verse 1]
Just a friendly face in a crowd of strangers,
With hats held close we will feel no danger,
Seein' stars for the next 8 years,
Wishes may let go your fear

Yes we can
Yes we can
Yes we can
Yes we can

[Verse 2]
JFK for the brand new wait,
In our lifetime we enter a hopeful state,
Be kind to your neighbor if no one is watchin'
The sight of goodness that no one is stoppin'

[Repeat chorus 4 times]

Yes we can,
Yes we can,
Be as one (Be as one)
Yes we can,
Lift together,
Yes we can

Tell me that I'm preachin',
I'm just speakin' my mind,
Tell me that I'm reachin',
Got to reach to find,
Love the world and you begin,
To see what it's about,
Can we change the way we live,
And let the truth sing out,

Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can ooh,
We can be as one,
Yes we can yes we...can




Anonymous said...

thanks for this also michael kind words


Truedantalion said...

This blog entry was a "must" ... it was written in real time, just the way as the thoughts and emotions came up in me.

I'm glad that things turned to the better again, although we never can be really safe about what the next day may bring, for good or bad - and yet:

It is great to know that there are good people out there, people like you, who are worth knowing, and being together with.

Keeps me going.

ij71412 said...

i tried, seems no one cared, or cares anymore, other things more important

Michael Eckstorm said...

I know I cared, and I still do. There's not a day passing by (and I am not making this up) when I am not thinking of my friend from back then, and hope he is doing okay, wishing that one day we may be talking to each other again.

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