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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three Months

I established the YouTube channel


on April20th 2009
one day after the tragic and unnecessary death

Kelvin / Kel
(YouTube name: kelvinwontcry)

Thank you very much to everyone who, since then,
has been a guest at this memorial place for

... a great kid
... a fun guy
... a brave and courageous boy
... a thinker of smartness and wisdom way beyond his age
... a loving and caring soul
...and a wonderful friend.


Among those who discovered Kelvinwontcry2,
watched the videos there and left heartwarming comments
and even made and sent me tribute videos for Kel
there are some YouTubers who have become special friends:

Allan Clellard-Goddard
who sang the song
"Oklahoma" by Billy Gilman
as a tribute for Kel
(who watched the original video for this song every day,
"Because it gives me hope")

(YouTube name jafaceinthehall)
(YouTube name ytfan96)

who both made tribute videos for Kel.
Sadly their channels are no longer online,
but they gave me permission to re-upload their videos
to Kelvinwontcry2.

(YouTube name LovesBWayAndSinging)
who chose a wonderful song and made the video
Memory of Kel

who has become a wonderful friend of mine
and helped me with making the video
For Us


a friend of mine who cared a lot for Kel
and became friends with him on YouTube


And finally
there was

You can learn more about this very special friendship
that connected us
in a blog I wrote
for the one month anniversary of Mike's death day:

One Month ... From missing to remembering




Richie said...

Amazing Channel For One Amazing Person Kelvin :)

Truedantalion said...

Thank you very much, Richie!