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Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Are The World 25 For Haiti

I discovered this powerful video due to a tweet from

and although it's the early morning,
after a long and intense night without sleep,
I can't help to first make the video public,
and share it on all places online I can reach.


Here's my comment on the video:

What an important and heartfelt cause for this video ... and what an *awesome* collaboration of so many talented artists out there, coming together and joining forces to create this marvelous project!

Kudos to all the singers involved, and to the ones who edited the music and the video. I will put this video out at every place online I can reach, promise. I hope you'll get a gazillion views, because you deserve that!

Oh, and: Five stars, and favourited, of course :-)!


And this is my Facebook wall entry:

WE ARE THE WORLD ... a song created in 1985 for a noble cause.

25 years later, in 2010, almost 60 talented artists from the YouTube community joined forces to create their version of this song, in favour of the people in Haiti.

Please go and watch, comment, rate and share this marvellous video!

I love YouTube, and awesome projects like this here is one of the reasons for that.




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