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Saturday, February 20, 2010

LIFTED (2010) - Official Trailer

Note: Find a recent update post (written on September 16th 2011)
with some kind of more in-depth views of mine
on the movie LIFTED

stars 12-year-old Uriah Shelton
as a singer whose family life is disrupted

when his Marine father (played by Dash Mihok)
is re-deployed to Afghanistan.

The boy, despite many obstacles,
is inspired to compete in a teen singing competition.


USA 2010

Written and directed

by Lexi Alexander

Uriah Shelton,
Dash Mihok

Now available on DVD:




official website

on Facebook

on ImDB


Uriah Shelton's official website

Uriah Shelton's YouTube Channel

Dash Mihok's official website



Music video
sung by Uriah Shelton and Dash Mihok

Get your
 free .mp3 download of I MISS YOU at





cheekyspook said...

i love this vid and this song
and cant believe how well it sounds

Truedantalion said...

I'll try to keep the comments section of the trailer video updated with fresh information on the movie LIFTED as soon as I can. So you might want to check back in there once on a while :-)!

Truedantalion said...

Sorry for the messed up layout on this entry. I have tried to fix it, but Blogspot goes crazy on that one, and I cannot get it any better.

I have changed the embedded video, though. Before, I had put my upload of the teaser trailer here. When the official trailer came out, I was asked by director Lexi Alexander to take that one off, as, for legal reasons, they are not using it anymore. So This blog now features the official trailer.