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Monday, July 26, 2010

Do Re Mi ...

This morning, I received a wonderful surprise, by a dear friend featuring the video I include here on his YouTube channel. This song has a very special meaning for him and me, because it reminds us of someone we lost - Kel.

Kel loved this song, and he loved singing it himself. Me, I would give everything for hearing him sing this tune ... but sadly, this will not happen any more.

The downside to my friend's sweet idea of surprising me with this video is, that I cannot watch it on YouTube any more, because of the ongoing copyright struggles YouTube has with the big record companies, and also the German GEMA.

It is really disgusting how they manage to spoil and destroy the fun for viewers in general. And, at times, WMG, Sony and all the other ignorant copyright holders hit me where it really hurts, like with keeping me from watching this video once in a while, and remember Kel by it. They have done so with other videos in the past already ...

Still, I will not take that. And so, I upload DO RE MI - THE SOUND OF MUSIC here. Because I need to watch it once in a while. And I need to do so online. Some things have no logical reason - but still, they HAVE a reason, because they are important for the heart. And this is one of those things.



Shaney said...

Yeah I really loved this video, saw it months ago. I think it requires a lot of guts to do that in public like this. Have you ever watched also "ImprovEverywhere" on youtube?

And it's a pretty nice song, btw. =]

Truedantalion said...

I admire the effort this group put into their project, and a't even think aout the amount of rehearsals they have done. And I love the effect they have, bringing such an (by their sheer number) immense wave of beauty and joy to the place, surprising the regular visitors of that station.

I did not hear ahout "ImprovEverywhere" yet; I guess I should check it out.

I came to like this song a lot, as it *is* a nice song, indeed - and even more so, then, by knowing that Kel liked it so much.