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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For Us

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I got in close touch with a topic these days that moves me very much and weighs me down - bullying. Nothing really new, I know. But it's always different if this kind of abuse affects someone you know and like.

This has happened to me just the other day, and I felt a deep need to do something, to raise attention and awareness, and to offer a boost of courage and self-esteem.

Bullying concerns us all. Either as being a victim - all too often without any one knowing, even the closest of friends or family. Or as being someone who becomes aware of abuse, of brutality, of violence and grief that a child has to suffer.

FOR KEL, the first video I made, is as a present for someone special, but also as an attempt of a beacon for every child that is in a situation where it has to fear every day for his physical health - and mental sanity.

FOR US, the video you are watching now, is first and foremost for grown-ups.

Everyone of us has been a child once, everyone has maybe been maltreated once in a while. And some of us experienced the same form of physical and mental abuse that many, so many of our children have to suffer from today. This is nothing to be ashamed of. But it should make us wary, and ready to help.

Bullying is no joke.
Bullying is no peccadillo.
Bullying is a serious form of abuse,
and the victims need our help:

The help of teachers, of educators,
of friends and family.

And even if you become witness to a child being bullied that is not your own, and none whatsoever related to you ... This child needs your help anyway. With all you can do, how little it may be.

I'm making these videos for just that exact reason. I'm far away from where the things I refer to are happening, and yet I do what little I can with that.

If you are close to someone in need - then don't close your eyes.
Reach out a hand.
Offer a friendly word.
Dry some tears.

You are needed.


Thanks for helping me producing this video:


Song info credited in the end of the video.

The Song is taken from the album
"Snow Borne Sorrow"
by Nine Horses



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