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Friday, June 12, 2009

RONAN'S ESCAPE - on Festivals world wide in Summer 2009

January 2012 - Update
Please also read my new article

As of now,
you can watch the entire short movie


A wonderful Australian short movie, with David Lazarus giving a so moving performance as the lead character ...

... and a tremendously important movie, about a topic that, sadly, has become part of every day's school life everywhere in the world. I hope the makers of this movie will have huge success with it, as people need to see this movie.

Bullying is no joke. Bullying is no peccadillo. Bullying is a serious form of abuse, and the victims need our help ...

If you are close to someone in need - then don't close your eyes. Reach out a hand. Offer a friendly word. Dry some tears.

You are needed.

Even the weak are not entirely helpless, and even the lonely are not really alone, because:

Everyone can help, everyone can do something for a kid in need. And you can start with that every day.

Everyone can be ...

... A Bright Spot in a Dark Place.

RONAN'S ESCAPE - Official Movie Website

RONAN'S ESCAPE on Facebook




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