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Friday, November 6, 2009

Allan Clellard-Goddard, STREET CHILDREN (new version)

I discovered the first upload of the original song STREET CHILDREN, sung by back then 11 year old Allan Clellard-Goddard (and written by his Mum Deborah), as a video response to the YouTube video FOR THEM by Troye Sivan.

The very powerful lyrics of the song and the very special singing talents of Allan captivated me. I subscribed, and, by mutual video comments and messages, Deborah, Allan and I have become good friends over the months. And it was Allan who, on my request, recorded a rendition of Billy Gilman's song OKLAHOMA, as a tribute for Kel (as this was Kel's favourite song on YouTube), doing a wonderful job there that moved me beyond words.

So I was tremendously happy today, when I received this new version of STREET CHILDREN, remixed and edited by a fellow YouTuber, christoff555 aka Chris.

And Chris did a wonderful job here: All the original elements are still in place, and as stunning as they were, but the audio remix plus the very well edited video footage enhance the important message, that Deborah and Allan want to pass on, tremendously.

This video is really a wonderful start into the upcoming weekend :-)!



Anonymous said...

I really liked this. I had seen this video before on youtube. This child really touches me... He has a certain charissma about him. It seems he has wonderful parents that embrace his charissma. He is a special child in a very good way. He shows his soul.

Truedantalion said...

Allan and his Mum Deborah are really very special people, with the heart in the right spot, and being very caring for others. It's a pleasure and privilege to be friends with them.