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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yesterday, I found the following poem on the blog of a dear friend. He had found it himself elsewhere, and re-posted it.

I do the same here on my blog now, because I never found words that express better what I felt back in the weeks after April 19th 2009, and still do now, at times.



Don't look at me with pity
I need your strength

Don't crowd me with words
Just let me talk

Don't touch me
I will reach out when I'm ready

Don't call me
I need time to think and work it through

Don't tell me how I should feel
Feelings are beyond my control at this time

Don't stop my tears and screams
They are my path to release and healing

Don't cross the road to avoid me
Just smile and say hello

Don't say you understand
Just thank God that you can't

Don't be hurt by what I say or do
My pain is clouding my judgment

Don't think I'm going mad
I'm doing the best I can do to retain my sanity

Don't tell me I will forget
His memory is all I have left

And whatever you do
Don't think I don't appreciate you being here



1 comment:

CheekySpook said...

Hi Micheal
I followed Nic's blog to here and saw my poem here as well.
I wrote it sometime after Nathans death last year then forgot about it.
I'm proud that others are understanding and appreciating it.
Take care bud