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Monday, November 16, 2009

BEFORE I GO - A Poem (Author unknown)

About a year ago, I found the following poem somewhere on the Internet. I don't remember where, and I don't know any more what I was searching for at the time.

Today, I was searching for something on my computer's hard drive, and I found the poem, that I, back then, had saved there.

So I decided to now put it to this blog ... May it be found by others, too.



When my life has reached it's very end,
And I take that final breath,
I want to know I've left behind,
Some "good" before my death.

I hope that in my final hour,
In all honesty I can say,
That somewhere in my lifetime,
I have brightened someone's day.
That maybe I have brought a smile
To someone else's face,
And made one moment a little sweeter,
While they dwelled here in this place.

Lord, please be my reminder
And whisper softly in my ear...
To be a "giver", not a "taker",
In the years I have left here.
Give to me the strength I need,
Open up my mind and my soul.

That I might show sincere compassion,
And love to others before I go.
For if not a heart be touched by me,
And not a smile was left behind...
Then the life that I am blessed with,
Will have been a waste of time.

With all my heart, I truly hope,
To leave something here on Earth.
That touched another, made them smile
And gave to my life worth.

(Author unknown )



1 comment:

Arvid said...

Truly a deeply touching poem. Words to live by, for sure.

To live only for oneself means nothing when the self expires in the embrace of death.