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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Help Us, Help Them - YouTubers for Japan

This is a video collaboration I participated in this weekend. The project was the idea of a talented young YouTuber who runs a channel named Collabovies.

The project was ignited and processed on very short notice, in the effort to reach out and show compassion to the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan, and in order to ask every viewer to try and help, by making a whatever small donation to the International Red Cross or any other humanitarian organization that can support Japan in these times of devastation.

I have a Japanese YouTube friend named Sanechika, and when the news about the earthquake hit me, I was worried sick for him and his family. I wrote a message on Friday afternoon to his YouTube channel, but of course I had no idea if or when he might be able to read it, let alone reply to me.

To my immense relief, I received a reply from Sanechika on Saturday afternoon:

Hello Mr. Michel

Thank you very much for your kind message !!
Thank you for caring for us.
Fortunately We are safe.
We experienced such a big earthquake for the first time. When this earthquake was generated, I was in the school. I was not able to understand What happened. I watched surroundings. Buildings vibrated intensely. I knew that a big earthquake happened then. It was the very terrible scene.
An aftershock continues incessantly afterwards, I still felt an aftershock now.
Please send the best regards to your whole family.

With respect and thanks

This really took a huge load off my mind, and I was able then to really focus on the contribution I wanted to make to the collaboration video. 

It felt like a very right thing to do, to include Sanechika and his wonderful music into my video, and so he and his guitar playing became the carrier and emotional base of this short video contribution of mine.



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