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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Tsunami of Compassion

The remains of the town Osuchi
Anm.: Deutsche Version des Blogs hier.

The dreadful earthquake and tsunami catastrophe that shattered Japan last weekend (and still continues doing so, by aftershocks and new, albeit smaller tsunamis), has literally shaken the whole world. News coverage 24 hours a day, live network broadcast footage plus amateur videos on YouTube and elsewhere make the world see how massive the damage is that Japan suffers from. Death numbers are constantly on the rise, widespread areas have been wiped out, and entire towns have been swept to oblivion.

We become witness of devastation and destruction of biblical measures  -  the Flood re-enacted; triggered this time not by 40 endless days of rain, but by a tectonic phenomenon that did not last longer than a few heartbeats.

The nuclear power plant Fukushima
What makes the situation even more threatening is the danger that comes from the damage caused to the nuclear power plants Fukushima I and Fukushima II.

All attempts to get the situation under control have not yielded results. The situation is critical, and the signs of what may still come are not good.

Support is needed, technical specialists' manpower and appropriate hardware. But even then, the outcome is unsure, the odds are frighteningly high, and the possibility of an MCA (Maximum Credible Accident) hovers over Japan and the world like the Sword of Damocles.

So we should possibly still add prayers to that list of needed things, that I scribbled down. Prayers ... and compassion.

A Tsunami of Compassion.

To try and equal out the one
that brought all the misery.

Because there are people suffering ...
there are people in fear ...
there are people in pain ...
there are people who have died ...

... and there are people who survived,
but who literally lost everything they had in this world.



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