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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do you know the Harpejji?

Anm.: Deutsche Version des Blog hier.

 Playlist Harpejji


Here is a new instrument that I found out about last night:  

The Harpejji, a 16 or 24 string instrument that is played by tapping (like a piano), but also allows to strum or slap the strings, and also use sliding technique.

The tone range of the string set covers and exceeds those of the bass guitar and the electric guitar - the Harpejji's lowest note A0 is also the lowest note on a piano!

Just like with these instruments, you can use effect devices to alter the sound - you can even do so separately for the bass and the treble section.

The Harpejji's concept is similar to what a Chapman Stick offers. The basic sound also reminds of the Stick.

To get to know the Harpejji, best check out the videos I collected in the embedded playlist above.

Here is the song "If I Rise" from the Movie "127 Hours", that features not only the beautiful singing of Dido, but also has the Harpejji (played by A. R. Rahman) as the leading instrument. Enjoy :-)!

Dido, feat. A. R. Rahman,
"If I Rise"

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127 Hours - Original Soundtrack
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127 Hours - The Movie
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