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Monday, May 16, 2011


Anm.: Deutsche Version dieses Blogs hier.

Tom Cully
Words and music
by Tom Cully


Tom (Thomas) Cully, born July 2nd 1994, has been a member of the British boys choir Libera (see below for link to their official YouTube channel) from the age of seven. Gifted with enormous talent, he has become a singer with one of the most fascinating voices ever in this choir, and was one of their most remarkable soloists.

No longer an active singer with Libera, Tom has still not lost his love for music, though  —  on the contrary. He has become a songwriter / composer, and has already come up with several original songs. Tom records them in his home studio, aka bedroom :-). He is singing all lead and harmony voices. As Tom also plays the piano and the guitar, he is able to arrange and play the musical tracks for his songs, too.

When I visited Tom's website (okay, I know there is some controversy out there about whether it actually IS his site or not ... anyways, see below for link) the other day, I got hooked immediately on the songs Tom offers for free download there.

"Cashmere" has become my favourite track of his current portfolio, and the fragile beauty of this song captivated me so much, that I decided to make a video for it.

I uploaded the video for all the countless fans of Tom, who loved him being one of the signature voices of Libera for such a long time, and who ask themselves what Tom is up to now, how his voice has changed, and whether he is still into singing.

I guess I am stating the obvious, if I hereby say that, of course, I do not want to infringe Tom's copyright on the song "Cashmere" or any of his work. Tom wrote the lyrics, composed the music, sang, arranged and played everything you can hear here - and should he decide that this video does not do his song justice, or collides with the form of using of his intellectual property he approves of, and his copyright, then I will remove it immediately from the channel.

Well, should he ever see this video, then I hope he enjoys it, though  —  and same goes for you others out there who were so kind as to watch it :-)!


Tom Cully's website ---

WARNING: I got a notice today, May 16th 2011, that Tom's website got corrupted and has been reported for hosting / delivering malware. Sadly, that may happen quite easily these days. I wrote an e-mail to Tom and informed him about the situation, so that he hopefully can get rid of the pest.

FOR THE MOMENT, I strongly advise that visiting Tom's website should be postponed on behalf of your own safety, until the situation is under control!

I WILL update the description box of the video and also this blog here as soon as the problem has been solved.

So, on your own risk, for now:
Tom Cully's website

Check out Tom's performances with Libera on
Libera's official YouTube channel

Tom Cully als member of Libera
for sale on CD and DVD
via iTunes and

Tom Cully singing a fascinating solo:
Zbigniew Preisner, "Silence, Night and Dreams"



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is it safe to open the website now?