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Monday, December 15, 2008

Good friends give good tips ... and now I'm passing the torch

My very good friend Dominik commented on my yesterday's entry here (where I tried to somehow illuminate that this year's birthday has been the saddest of all 44 that I had).

Dominik liked David Sylvian's song DARKEST DREAMING, and he identified one of the instruments played there as an Armenian Duduk - being able so because another very good friend had passed the torch before, by showing Dominik the marvellous video that I now want to share here. Dominik linked it already in his comment, but I want top promote this video further.

It's a really worthy aftermath for yesterday's deep hollow in the dark valley that I have to cross currently.

So: Sit back, relax, put down everyday's chores and troubles aside for some moments and enjoy wonderful music ...

For further information about the Greek composer and musician Yanni (real name = Yiannis Hrysomallis), please go to the artist's website. And who wants to know more about the Duduk may go here.

Note: The picture in the video's thumbnail is NOT a Duduk :-)!

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