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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, Barack and Michelle - uhm ... do you remember Chaz?

A special Merry Christmas video
for two very special people ...

During the presidential election campaign, Barack and Michelle wrote me SO many newsletter e-mails, always with important issues, and always with a warm "Michael ..." for starters - hey, that's something different than our German politicians, who are as distant as the moon to you, and more than often less interesting with what they stand for than a regular shoe!

Not so with Barack Obama, no Sir - intelligent speaker, charismatic and with goals and a vision that have first and foremost the people in mind! And what a stunning, heartwarming and competent First Lady ... kudos to you, Michelle! So: Here's my best wishes for you.

Let me combine these holiday greetings to this amazing couple with a small reminder of someone who supported their campaign in the most remarkable way:

who, in January 2008, wrote the lyrics for a song that won my heart in a landslide - mine and the ones of (since December 27th 2008) over 300,000 more viewers:

Written in school during class, receiving detention for not stopping to work on the verses and rhymes and mumbling them aloud, produced with youthful charm and tongue-in-cheek humour ... Great job, Chaz!

Already back in the end of July 2008, I made a shoutout and support video for Chaz, addressed to Barack, asking him to invite Chaz and grant him a personal Thank you:

Well, due to all the hustle and bustle of the election campaign, my idea simply couldn't be realized by you, Barack and Michelle. I understand that; no hard feelings.

But ... errhm, let's face it: Campaign's over, you've made it ... So: Why not say Thank you to Chaz now? He deserved it!

I leave the how, where and when to you ... surprise me :-)!

I look forward to seeing a video of the event here on YouTube.

Best of best wishes from Germany,



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Thanks :-)!


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