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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A hair in the donut - Edit: Now including explanatory video :-)!

Me? Talking about hair? Well, THAT could become a LONG story, you might think, concerning what length my own hair has :-) ...

Well, yes and no.

It just so happened that, during this morning's breakfast, I was eating a "Berliner" / "Krapfen", or, in English: A German kind of donut; the one without the hole in the middle - the sweetest of explanatory video follows at the end of this entry :-).

And in this donut, there was, apart from the usual filling with some red jam, also

... a hair.

A small souvenir from some unknown employee in the large bakery "Lechbäck" who had been working on the piece of basic yumminess I had chosen to be part of my early morning meal. A little free-of-charge extra, that had, unnoticed, fallen into the doe and, unwillingly, went on a voyage that ended in my mouth.

Yes, I can already sense some of you, in a disgusted and outraged tone, going like "Yuck!", and "Gross!", and "Go and demand your money back!"

You guys ...
No offense, but:

What's the fuzz?

I felt the hair in my mouth, removed it from there (it was only, at the most, one fifth of one of my hairs in length, so d'uh!), put it aside and then continued eating. The donut was as yummy as before, going excellently with the mug of coffee I had made, and I finished my breakfast unharmed.

What started me thinking was that I know quite a bunch of people who would have done nothing of the like!

Either they would have, at the very moment, reproduced the complete contents of their stomach from revulsion, or they would have at least screamed bloody murder, grabbed the receipt of their purchase at the bakery (still close at hand for such a case, of course) and would have made the life of the sales assistant there miserable, although this employee was not responsible for what had happened (= the hair in question not being hers!).

Really ...!

This incident, and the possible reactions it would provoke in those acquaintances of mine, is, in my view, symptomatic for what many of us do so often:

Making their lives miserable in their own account, by overrating the most minuscule of things that may go wrong, and overreacting in a way that you could think their lives are over or they had, at least, to go to war.

The list of those minor incidents that people tend to overreact to is as long as the Nile. And as useless as a leaden cube used for playing football.

There is so much of real importance to deal with ... so ...

Work on your priorities, and on your perspectives, guys.

I mean me, I mean you ... I mean all of us.

(((-: No offense :-)))


Okay, and now for the explanation on





Sasa said...

I wouldn't have made somebodys life miserable, but I wouldn't have continued eating ... yeah, come on, call me a wuss, but it's disgusting ...

Truedantalion said...

You're by no means the one I had in mind :-) ... It's my colleague at work, who called raisins in an apple pie once "ticks" (= Zecken) and who complains about each and everything.