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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cyber Bully JAILED

Check out this news ...
It was about time, don't you think?


If you get bullied and harassed on YouTube:

Stand your ground.

Seek help.

Block him, but take care of giving him the hardest time possible, by all there is in means of legal possibilities, provided by the YT community!

And also don't hesitate to take legal advice and report the bully to the authorities, if possible.

You may become a victim, if someone starts bullying you, but you don't have to stay a victim.

Social Networking Sites have rules and guidelines, to protect the users, and people who overstep those rules, are subject to legal consequences, within the Network, or even beyond that.

Don't fight back one on one, though. Don't lower yourself down to your opponent's level.

But: Don't retreat, either.

You can be strong and smart! Bullies can only be mean, brutal, and dumb.

And please share this video. Pass it on to friends. Make the message heard.


Here is the original news report about the incident.


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