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Friday, August 14, 2009

Live In The Moment

I know:

thoughout history,
not the first time,
that these (very right) things
have been thought,
and spoken out.

I know.



They need repeating,
on a regular basis,
as so many of us tend to forget them so rapidly.



I think it's a beautiful video.



It's been made by a remarkable young YouTuber,
who is funny,
and, all the same,
has something to say.

Not that this would be a contradiction in itself.


A visit to dillonedwardsTV is worth the while!



Anonymous said...

dillon's videos like these always wonderful and really make you think. he is a great person

Truedantalion said...

Dillon made an annoncement in the info box of his video here, as well as with the video "Live your Life" :

"WARNING: THIS IS JUST A FILL-IN VIDEO This Is Not My Type Of Video Normally. I Do More Comedy"

I reploed to him:

"Hmm ... I don't think you have to give out this warning.

A good comedian is funny, because he portrays things from life in a way that are, in whatever way, entertaining. To be able to do so, the comedian has to have a good eye for details, a sharp vision for connections, plus an alert and smart brain, to then come up with humorous bits and pieces, brewed from his observations and the thoughts he has on these.

On top of that, he has to have a good and caring heart - because otherwise, he will not make comedy, but he will glitch into becoming a cynic, as things only tend to annoy and frustrate him, and he passes this negativism on, unfiltered and soaked with acid.

What I want to say:

Having good thoughts on life, insights, and seeing connections is no contradiction to doing good comedy. On the contrary. It is the base of doing good comedy."

And I think Dillon has a VERY GOOD base :-)!

Truedantalion said...

Yeah, I know:

"I reploed to him" should read
"I replied to him"

So close ... :-)!