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Monday, August 31, 2009

"Bullying? No Way!" - Get Your Avatar Banner Today!

Bullying ...
... a serious issue, that affects more and more people around the globe, offline and online, young and old.

You have the possibility to make a statement, to make yourself heard and known, to put your foot down and say:

"Bullying? No Way!"

Every one of us is only a single person. But so is every Bully out there.

Bullies are aggressive, derogative and mean. Bullies hurt people.

But they are only so many.

We, who disapprove of what they do, and who possibly even got bullied ourselves once on a while (or still are?) - we are many. We are legion

And yet: We are like Snowflakes. Is that a bad thing?
Well, yes and no ...

Each single one of us may be weak, and no match to a Bully. We may get hurt, and, very well, even crushed by them.

But: We are many. Many Snowflakes, who can be there for each other, support each other and help each other out. Many Snowflakes, who can unite, and set a powerful sign.

Many Snowflakes ... who can create an avalanche - just by being there, and by no longer accepting the ways of those who overstep rules, who torment those they deem weak and who get their kicks from making other people feel bad.

Let's create this avalanche. Let's set a sign. Let us all be a part of this, and say:

"Bullying? No Way!"

Respect the Snowflake ...


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