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Monday, August 10, 2009

... oops!

I just stumbled over a joke, and I thought:
Well, why not pass the torch ... so:
Here goes!


Flooding has trapped a man inside his home. The water has risen so quickly that rescuers must come by boat to pick him up.

“No thanks,” he says.
“God will save me!”

The water rises until it is waist deep and another boat comes by to get the man.

“No thanks,” he says.
“God will save me!”

The man has to climb onto his house because the flood waters continue to rise. He stands on the peak of his roof waving off a helicopter that has come to pick him up.

“God will rescue me!” he shouts.

A short while later, unable to stay above the water, the man drowns.

When he gets to Heaven, he confronts God.

“Why didn’t you save me?!” the man yells.

“What do you mean?” asks God.
“I sent two boats and a helicopter!”



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