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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello from Winter Wonderland!

Finally ... A new video on Truedantalion's channel:

Truedantalion is back from hibernation - in spite of the fact that winter is going on with full force here at my place, still :-)!

This is my first vlog in a long time, and my first video since last October ... gee, time flies! There will be more videos to come soon now:

For the Truedantalion channel, I am preparing a video on a very serious topic that I have been following since April 2010.

On Kelvinwontcry2, there will be a new video up on February 5th; I hope you will come and watch.

Für meine deutschen Zuschauer kommt in Zusammenhang mit dem Kelvinwontcry2-Projekt zu dem Upload noch eine gesonderte Ankündigung, denn leider wird das Video in Deutschland gesperrt sein. Aber: Es führen viele Wege nach Rom :-)!

And I am also working on a video for a dear YouTube friend of mine - I will give you an update on this project as soon as it will be uploaded, which will hopefully be in just a very few days!



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