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Monday, January 24, 2011

A new video on Kel's channel

This song is sung by Meydad Tasa,
a young renowned singer from Israel.
For more information about him, his career
and about the albums he already recorded,
please check out Meydad's official website:


Music from Meydad Tasa
can be found


After quite a while, this is the first upload I made on my YouTube channel Kelvinwontcry2. The idea to do so has been in my head for many months, but only now, I could finally realize this project.
I did not want to upload this video for it's religious contents, and neither did I want to make a whatsoever political statement on the obviously never ending dilemma that takes place in Israel, with the struggles between Jews and Palestinians. The channel that I established in memory of Kel is not the place for such topics.

To me, the main message of this video that reaches me most, goes much deeper, straight to a very basic and inner level - and this message has a very strong relation to Kel.

Many of my viewers, subscribers and friends on Kelvinwontcry2, who have been talking with me (in comments and many messages) about Kel, and who thereby got to know him a little, may see some of the aspects that I mean. If you have any thoughts on that, or also questions, please feel free to leave a comment, either here, or in the video's comment section on YouTube; your feedback will be much appreciated.

Sadly, I never got to share Meydad's song with Kel while he was still alive. This is why I want to do this now, because I know Kel would have related very strongly to those innermost elements I mentioned above, and he would have loved this song and also Meydad very much  -  just as I do.



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