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Monday, January 31, 2011

I am the Child - Autism speaks

I made this video for a dear YouTube friend of mine:
Rick, who is autistic himself,
and who has a YouTube channel
by the name autism5150.

This video is based on the poem
"The misunderstood Child"
by Kathy Winters.
She wrote this in 2003.
Kathy Winters is the mother of a son with Autism.


Autism is a very serious matter: One child out of 110 children is autistic, and even one boy out of 70 boys. And the numbers are rising continuously.

Medicine, science and research aren't even really decided yet on whether Autism is a disease, a disorder or a complex neurological defect. Theories and knowledge about causes and triggers for this state are just as multiple. Accordingly, studies and ideas about a possible treatment are as varied.

The numbers go up: More and more children showing autistic behaviour every year grow up into a world that they have the hardest time dealing with ... and so has this world in dealing with them, trying to offer them a place where they can feel comfortable, safe, and loved.

Autism is a mystery, a challenge and, ever so often a testing day by day struggle for the autistic child, teenager or adult, as well as for their families, friends and surroundings. But all the same, it is a wonderful and precious experience:

"There is no denying that living with Autism can be tough but it can be an adventure, afterall it's a life long journey... I wouldn't change Sam for the world - I would change the world for him!"
Gillian Naysmith,
book author and therapist on Autism (The Horse Noy Camp UK)
and mother to wonderful 5 year old Sam.

Visit Gillian on The Horse Boy Camps website.


For more information on Autism,
you can find many websites,
for example
"Autism Speaks"

The movie "The Horse Boy" is available on DVD.
Please watch the trailer
and please visit



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