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Friday, February 11, 2011

"History in the making!" ... Dang - I missed it!

"History is in the making!",  they said for days and days, about the situation in Egypt. Okay, I thought, I got nothing pressing to do, so let's take a look.

But: Being a witness of the times is not quite that easy ...

Last night (Thursday) I watched almost 3 hours of live coverage from Egypt, on Al Jazeera's English YouTube channel. But  when Hosni Mubarak finally addressed the nation (and me), he missed to do what he was to do.

Today at 5:05 p.m. (my place), Vice President Omar Suleiman sneaked to the mics, and it took him a meager 30 seconds to make the announcement about Mubarak stepping down after all.

Now ...

Given I had some grandkids one day, what am I to tell them in, say, 30 years from now, when they ask me (like for a paper in history class on the subject),  where I was during that historical moment?

Sad, but true:

"Grampa was in the bathroom ..."




Matthew said...

I've got a better story. I was sliding down a mountain!

Truedantalion said...

Yep, I know ... We both are not very respectful of historical moments, right? Haha :-)!