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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mick Karn (July 24th 1958 – January 4th 2011)

In the beginning 1980's,
when I discovered the British band
I not only encountered,
by their singer
David Sylvian,
a voice that would be special to me
over the decades
until today.

I discovered their bass player

Apart from the bass guitar,
he played many instruments,
he sang,
 composed music,
wrote lyrics,
he drew and painted,
and he was a sculptor.

was what hit me.
It was like nothing I had ever heard before:
Melodic, complex,
downright unpredictable,
iconic, archetypal,
and of the utmost beauty.

No one among my friends
back then in the 1980's
and until now
ever shared my fascination
for Mick's way of making music.

I did not care.
And I still don't.
I am used to finding stuff
that gets into the very core of me
as if it belonged there from the beginning
and yet
is something that is mine alone
no one else I know can really get on board with it
or even knows about it in the first place.

It is a lonely way of cherishing things.
But: I don't mind.

I am glad that I found Mick's music,
that it has been so fascinating for me
over all these years,
and this will always be so.

Godspeed, Mick.
I'll see you in another life, brother.


Listen to one of Mick's songs here:

Mick Karm
feat. David Sylvian


Music of Mick Karn
on CD and as MP3 download



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