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Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale" - Support a short movie project!

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"Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale" is an upcoming short movie project, to be shot in August 2011 on location in Canada, and scheduled to be released in fall 2011. An independent Canadian production, the movie is directed by Alison Parker, co-written by Alison Parker and David B. Beleznay.


Jake (Connor Stanhope)
and Jasper (Falcor the Ferret)
The story portrayed in this ambitious and heartwarming project deals with a young boy named Jake Tyler, played by Connor Stanhope (known as Young Lex Luthor on the TV show "Smallville"), who tries to deal with the recent loss of his mother, and finds some solace in the relation to the ferret Jasper.

In the turn of events, Jake finally comes into a situation where he can't take it no more and feels he has to run away from home. He hides in a forest, and there, the intense contact to nature and the wildlife has a strong effect on him - but when darkness falls, Jake and Jasper not only lose each other in the woods ... they even nearly lose their lives.

The movie's plot gets a magical and fairy-tale like touch (or also "ferret-tale", as you may call it!), by Jake being in that forest and encountering animals that live there.

And in order to portray this core aspect of Jake's quest in a way that it becomes intense and deep, the filmmakers indeed need support from their future audience!


To have animals in movies is an intricate matter, and a costly one, too - as you not only have to rent a trained animal that will be able to do certain things in a movie, but you also need an animal wrangler who takes care of the animal on the set, and directs it's actions according to the filmmakers' wishes and the demands set by the movie script.

Checklist of animal appearances
made possible by donations
(constantly updated)
The director and producer of the upcoming movie "Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale" has put up a contribution campaign at Indigogo.com, where people can donate money (small sums are just as welcome as not so small sums), to help shoulder the above mentioned costs for animals to appear in the movie, including costs and their wranglers ...

... and all this in support of the storytelling of the movie, to bring across the message in it in a rich and beautiful as can be way, so will touch the viewers' hearts.

In return for financial support, the filmmakers offer perks, starting with special thanks in the film's end credits and on the film website - moving on to signed copies of the movie's DVD and other giveaways / invitations, and leading up to being credited as Associate or Executive Producers of the movie.

You can find all information on that, on how you can contribute, plus updates on the project's progress on the Indigogo page of "Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale"


So here's the deal:

Any support you can offer to this special venture is highly appreciated; any sum helps, no matter if small or not so small. They all add up to reach the campaign's goal!

And you can even be of help if you don't have the possibility to chip in! Here's a personal word from a special person on that:

"Can't afford to donate? That's okay, I understand.
You can still help this film out, by sharing this campaign.

Please post it on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.
You never know who might see it
and want to lend a hand."

Alison Parker
Director / Producer


Upcoming short movie extra :-)))


All relevant links for
"Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale"

=>  Official Indigogo.com donation page  <=

Official Film Website

Official Facebook page

Official Twitter account

Official Website of Director / Producer Alison Parker

Official Website of lead actor Connor Stanhope

=> Thanks a lot for any support you can offer! <=




donsden93 said...

Looks&sounds interesting.Tnx 4 the support Michael w/this blog&all.
Hope I can help.-DONNIE

Dylan said...

Your such a wonderful person Michael, always willing to help. Looks like a good movie.
And I really like your music player. ;-)

Anonymous said...

making a full movie out of this also right?is this show called touch on tv
avaiable where you live?

if it is have u seen it?


Michael Eckstorm said...

Director Alison Parker currently is preparing a full length movie, starring Connor Stanhope (Jake) again. The story will be a bit different from her short movie, but the friendship between the main character and his pet ferret will have a central role in the story.

It will still take a while untile they can start shooting (they are currently in the process of raising funds for the movie), but the script obviously is finished already.

JAKE AND JASPER will come out on DVD to buy in stores some time soon. The DVD will have international subtitles, and it was actually I who translated the script to German, so the movie can have German subtitles, too.

As for the show TOUCH: No, I haven't heard of it before, but thanks so much for sending me that link! I just watched the trailer, and I am massively interested now!

They say the show will be out on American TV now, so as it's brand new, it probably will still take a while until they will show it on German TV.

But I think I will rather buy it on DVD - I want to watch it in English (not dubbed to German), and without commercial breaks.

Thank so much for pointing this show out for me!