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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Documentary "Bully" rated "R"? Check your priorities, MPAA!

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USA 2011

Written and directed by


The documentary "Bully" by filmmaker Lee Hirsch is to be released in US theaters on March 9th 2012 [edit: Release date changed to March 30th, due to the struggle going on which I report about in this blog].

In his stunning movie, Hirsch follows the life of several American teenagers who are being severely bullied at school ...

Two of these kids, though, a 17 year old teenager and an 11 year old boy, could not take the daily abuse and torment any more, and took their lives.

The kids involved in this project give the audience authentic and emotional insights into their daily lives at school and at home.

Illustrated by the film's footage, their reports about being bullied represent the everyday fate of innumerable kids and teens all across the USA as well as worldwide. 

Kirk Smalley, father of
Ty Field-Smalley (1998 - 2010)
The parents of the two kids who tragically are no longer with us, are trying to somehow cope with their grief by taking up the fight against bullying: 

They became resolute and all the same sensitive campaigners and educators, speaking at schools and trying to make a difference that way - in the attempt to make the heartbreaking story of their kids' fate help prevent bullying, and hopefully even save lives. 


I am not exaggerating here when I say that "Bully" is a movie that everyone needs to see. It has been very successful on many festivals, and screenings in selected schools and theaters, as well as the filmmaker and parents from the movie speaking to students and teachers have touched many hearts all over the country.

Yet, for the cinema release, "Bully" suffered a blow that takes you aback: Because of bullies using some foul language in a few scenes shown the movie, The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rated the documentary "R — Restricted. Children Under 17 Require Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian".

"Bleep, bleep bleep. BLEEP!"
Not for this boy, I'm afraid!
Now, where, I if I may ask, are the MPAA's moral guardians every day at schools, when kids of all ages have to endure slurs and verbal abuse from those who chose to bully others? 

And how will the so massively important impact and message of "Bully" be brought to the public now, to help bring about change like no other movie on this pressing subject ever had?

Seriously, MPAA: Check your priorities!

Stop lobbying and supporting bullies in this most perfidious of ways, by crippling an important movie in reaching it's audience!

"Hear Nothing. See Nothing. Say Nothing."
That's NOT how change can be brought about!
Stop playing by The Three Monkeys' rule, that has become painfully omni-present in America, the land of "Bleeps" and "Nipplegates"!

Those you are trying to protect in this most rediculous way ... they are victims to way more brutal and hurtful abuse at school every day, than you can actually hear in the movie.


Now, readers, here's something you can do to hopefully help undoing this outrageous MPAA rating. Please check out this petition:

... and make yourself heard, by signing and thereby supporting the cause of "Bully".

Your voice is needed. We need change to happen, and we need to start doing this by changing hearts.

Help "Bully" to reach those hearts!

Thank you - much appreciated.




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