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Friday, February 17, 2012

Outrage? Yes. But Hope, too. And most of all: Happy Birthday, Paul!

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This video has been made by Lonewolf, a very good friend of mine, who is an upright and outspoken man with the heart in the right spot, and is not afraid to show support and compassion for a kid who had no one in his corner when the mills of justice started to grind him in a senseless and contemptuous way.

Please watch, get informed, hopefully leave a comment on the video page, and possibly even subscribe to the YouTube channel of my friend.

And also: Please check out The National Juvenile Justice Network in regards of the comparison Lonewolf makes in the video between the USA and Somalia.

Thank you.


I have been posting many times (once in a while here, and on Facebook and Twitter, too) about injustice done to American kids and teens, and little children even, by sending them to an adult court, sentence them by adult law and have them serve their time in adult prisons. It is an unheard outrage what is going on there, defying everything that we know about child development, growing up and psychology.

Paul Henry Gingerich
Learn about the case of Paul Henry Gingerich, who will be 14 years old today (February 17th 2012) and who has been in prison for two years now - for a crime he did not commit!

I'll never forget the day when Lonewolf first told me about Paul, almost 2 years ago. And just like him, I am devastated, for Paul and all the other kids who get abused by law in the USA, in an unheard travesty of judges doing their jobs!

I'm outraged that this injustice and brutality goes on and on, with barely someone taking notice. This has to change - on a large, nation wide scale!


Paul Henry Gingerich (12 years old, left)
Colt Lundy (15 years old, right)
mug shots, taken on the day of their arrest
Paul and the older boy Colt (who was the initiator of the crime that happened, and who fired the two deadly shots at his abusive stepdad) were both sentenced to 30 years each by Judge Rex Reed, with the last 5 years on probation.

(Note: Keep that judge's first name in mind - it's Latin for "king". Reference a bit further below in the text.)

To keep this fact in focus loud and cear is important to me, because we are looking at a 30 years sentence here, for two boys aged 12 and 15, period. I don't care about probations that may or may not come true. There is no justice served by this - it's retaliation, senseless and cruel.

And also, probation for juvenile delinquents can be taken away in a heartbeat for the least little thing, so that "generous gift" is a fickle one, and decisions on revoking it are, again, in the hands of self-righteous judges  - as for example some of Dan Dailey's Wandervogel blogs show us. If you have a bit of time on your hands, you should definitely take a look at this blog about many cases of juvenile delinquents that Dan works in support of in the most admirable way!

Judge Reed took 30 years out of the lives of 2 kids, and would have sentenced them to life, had they not agreed to a plea bargain that helped cover up the truth and left Paul unrightfully stigmatized as a murderer.

Paul Henry on his way to court


In cases of juvenile delinquencies, American judges have the possibility of using an outrageous law policy that allows them to judge kids and teens as adults, if the crime committed is of a "serious" nature. Nothing good is being done by that. All that happens is simply breaking the life of a delinquent kid, instead of trying to re-socialize them. 

And many of these judges act like absolutist monarchs, bending laws, ignoring defendants' rights, and even suppressing evidence - because they obviously think that working "at court" makes them kings.

Dammit, IT DOESN'T!

We cannot accept that all of this just goes on day by day, mostly undetected by the public, because those kids don't have a lobby, and ever so often parents of juvenile delinquesnts can't afford a decent (and resolved!) lawyer, and without people standing up against something that just isn't right. Therefore, let me ask you to get involved.

Please check out and Like the Facebook page Support 12 Year Old Paul Henry Gingerich.

Please be on the lookout for cases of kids being sent to adult courts - believe me: There are MANY cases of the like, very probably also where you live!

Please make yourself heard - in support of those kids, and in opposition and protest of this part of the American law system that (sorry and shocked to say this) is matched, in regards of cruelty and injustice, only by law systems in countries governed by terrorist regimes and contemptuous despotes!


Thank you for reading.

But now,
here's the most important part of this blog:

Happy 14th Birthday, Paul :-) ...

Blue means link ... just sayin'. Click and enjoy!



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