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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

25 years ago: Peter Gabriel, SLEDGEHAMMER

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You could have a steam train
If you'd just lay down your tracks
You could have an aeroplane flying
If you bring your blue sky back

All you do is call me
I'll be anything you need

You could have a big dipper
Going up and down, all around the bends
You could have a bumper car, bumping
This amusement never ends

I want to be your sledgehammer
Why don't you call my name
Oh let me be your sledgehammer
This will be my testimony

Show me round your fruit cage
'cos I will be your honey bee
Open up your fruit cage
Where the fruit is as sweet as can be

I want to be your sledgehammer
Why don't you call my name
You'd better call the sledgehammer
Out your mind at rest
I'm going to be - the sledgehammer
This can be my testimony

I'm your sledgehammer
Let there be no doubt about it
Sledge sledge

I've kicked the habits
Shed my skin
This is the new stuff
I go dancing in, we go dancing in

Oh won't you show for me
And I will show for you show for me, I will show for you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I do mean you - only you

You've been coming through
Going to build that power
Build, build up that power, hey
I've been feeding the rhythm
I've been feeding the rhythm

Going to feel that power, build in you
Come on, come on, help me do
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I've been feeding the rhythm
I've been feeding the rhythm
It's what we're doing, doing
All day and night


Peter Gabriel's album SO was released in 1986, which was 25 years ago.

For the young people of today, this makes the the songs on this amazing album "oldies". I can't adapt to that attribute, as I still remember vividly how I bought first the 12" maxi single of SLEDGEHAMMER, and then the album.

But then ... I have become sort of an oldie myself, so that might help to explain this a little bit. 

And I also remember how blown away everyone was of the video that was released with the song. It has become a classic and all-time favourite. ... Hm? Oh yes, not only for me, but also for the rest of the music loving world :-)!


Peter Gabriel

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Peter Gabriel

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Peter Gabriel

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