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Sunday, August 7, 2011

One Year

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November 22nd 1992 - August 7th 2010

You are dearly missed ...
You will never be forgotten ...
... and you will be loved forever.


Alan Hall
Purple Ties
(original song)

Alan put up this video on August 2nd 2010.
I shared it on that very day
with quite a few friends on YouTube.

Mike was among these friends.

He watched it on August 5th 2010,
and wrote two comments
(user names he8ntheavyhesmybro and 8nheavy):

"Just beautiful.:)"
"You are excellent!:):)"

Together with a message I got from him that day,
those were the last words I received from Mike.

When I read his comment on the video back then,
I was happy that he had liked the song.

I have watched the video very often since then,
and always read Mike's comment, too.
Looking back,
I am happy that
Alan's song had still reached and touched Mike
and brought a smile to his face.

See you, Mike!
And please say hi to Stewie and Kel for me,
and give them a hug.





donsden93 said...

Tnx Michael 4 remembering Mike & telling us bout his messages on Alan's vid.I had 2 go look @ it after I read ur blog.
Sometime's I come across a comment from Mike (& even Stew) on a vid I happen 2 be watching&checking the comments (I ALWAYS check comments on vids now)& I remmeber that Mike&Srew were here&we were all happy...if only 4 a short time.
Tnx again 4 this Michael.We all love u-DONNIE&The Morrison family

Truedantalion said...

I knew that I wanted to write a blog on Mike. But only when i sat down, I started to know *what* I would write *about*.

When I thought back to those days at the beginning of August last year, I remembered vividly Alan's song, which really captivated me, and wanting to share it.

I guess that "Purple Ties" must have been one of the last videos Mike watched (as he, as he told me, was not allowed to use the computer every day at the hospital). And so, those two comment entries dating August 5th are indeed special.

It was a sweet and precious detail I remembered with that, and then I also knew what I would write about.

And as for video comments ... Yes, I discovered a very few that Kel had made, during the short time he had been on YouTube. To find them after he was gone was so sweet ... brought me to tears at first, but then they made me smile.

I guess, as long as we still can find a smile eventually, we are okay ... we *will* be okay. Okay-er at least.

And to have family and friends in our lives will add up some more of what we need to carry on.

Sending my love to you and all of the Morrison family, Donnie!