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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Short note on my own behalf ...

Deutsche Version dieses Blogs hier.

Yep, that was due - because I very much appreciate the page views I get every day here at "For now ..."!

People from around the globe stop by to read an article or two I wrote - the majority coming from Germany and the United States, but there are visitors from many other countries all over the world among you, too. 

I think this is massively amazing, and I want to say a big Thank You to all readers, no matter if you come here regularly when a new post is up, if you maybe just drop by once in a while to re-read an article you like, or also if a lucky coincidence, like following a tweet of mine or some keyword search you did at Google brought you here.

Welcome, and thanks for the time (and effort) you take (and make) to read what I ramble!


There's one thing, though, that I love to get - as probably everyone who writes blogs, puts up videos on YouTube etc.:


I looove me my feedback, and in what form ever, for example by posting a comment in the form underneath each article:

You can add comments
also if you are not registered at Google!
Just sayin' :-) ...
=> Can be a comment about what you liked ...

=> Can be constructive criticism or a counter position to a thought I had ...

=> Can also be an exhausted "Oh my God, it took me for ever to read this!" - guilty as charged, I'll say then, because I never write three-liners, haha :-)!

Any comment I get I will read, and I will ever so often also write a reply - but no worries: The comment reply will be shorter than the article you commented on. ... Probably. Okay, I had better not make promises here ... HAHA :-)!

And there are also other ways of giving feedback, still:

If you feel like sharing an article on a Social Network site you are on, then you can do so by simply clicking the Twitter or Facebook button underneath an article, which connects you automatically to your respective account and saves you the trouble of play the good old Copy and Paste game with the blog entry's URL.

And in case you are on Google+, you recommend an article by clicking the +1 button - which also allows you to share the article with your Circles on Google+ if you wish to. Oh, and feel free to add me on Google+, if you like.


Well, all of these are options, of course! No obligations here, no strings attached.

But I just wanted to say: If you feel like letting me know what you think: "Just do it!" :-)!

And there are no regulations here - do it your own way, long or short, prose or rhyme, even in your native language, if you like - don't worry, in case of cases Google Translate will help me out! Simply comment as you see fit and feel comfortable with.

Any feedback will be always welcome and much appreciated :-)!

Blog you soon ...



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