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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where the Hell is Matt?

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I found this video just the other day, and have been watching it at least a dozen times now - simply because it's so much good fun! Obviously a few more people have been of the same opinion, because the video has almost 40 million views by now! As mentioned: I'm only responsible for roughly a dozen of them, so you do the math ...

"What's such a YouTube blockbuster about?", you may ask. Well, here's what the maker, Matt Harding, says about it in the video description: 

"14 months in the making,
42 countries, and a cast of thousands.
Thanks to everyone who danced with me."

Ahh, yes ... I see ... or - do I?

Well, to get a bit more, you might want to do what I did: Give it another 5 minutes and 53 seconds, and watch the following video, too. It's a short speech that Matt gave in 2008 at Gnomedex in Seattle. You will get to know a bit more in detail (and in a very entertaining way!) how this project came about. 

Oh, and there's a book that Matt wrote about it, too - you can find the link above. See it? Good :-)!



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