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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To tweet, or to re-tweet? Effect, and Ripple-Effect

Twittertalion :-)
Anm.: Deutsche Version dieses Blogs hier.

If someone used to tell me "I have Twitter", I would reply "Get well!", because it sounded like an illness.
Well, obviously I got infected, too.

(Profile quote on my Twitter account)


So I have been around on Twitter for quite a while now, and I am heading towards my tweet #10,000. Okay, I'm still some 1,400 tweets away from that, but the bigger part of that way sure lies behind me.

Compared to other Tweeters, though, I kinda do my stuff a bit wrong there, I guess:

You will hardly find any kind of "status updates" about what I am doing at a particular moment of the day. You will not find any kind of notice like "Just checked in to my bathroom, top of the hallway." Should I spill something while cooking, I'd rather clean up the mess than informing the Twitterverse about yet another battle "Gravity vs Me", that I kinda lost.

Maybe I'll hand out a tweet when I start editing a new video, just to bang the drum for it. Sure enough, no one cares about that too much. If this video is then uploaded, I will announce it on Twitter, just as well as when a new blog entry just hatched, followed by an update some time later when the German translation is done.

I don't have any pets, so tweet-stories about some cat / dog / bird / goldfish etc. doing funny / goofy / annoying things are just not gonna happen. My neighbourhood is quiet, so there's nothing that might make the headlines on Twitter, either.

Hummm ...

So what, you might ask, do I bother at all keeping this account up?

The re-tweet:A little cog in the big clockwork

Well, I guess the picture here gives a hint about what I think my tweeting habits do ...

I re-tweet a lot.

Following several international news agencies puts me in the know about stuff faster than any radio or TV broadcast would (let alone newspapers).

And having Twitter friends from various parts of the world also broadens my horizon, when they tweet stuff from their neck of the woods.

I catch up on those things, and ever so often, passing on such news to my followers seems like a good thing to do, regardless whether they are real people and friends, or some company that is only on Twitter for marketing reasons.

You can never say when a ripple effect may have some result that really moves something, or reaches someone in a sensitive moment and has a whatsoever constructive effect.

Speaking from experience here:

Me, I got as good as first hand information about the devastating earthquake in Christchurch (New Zealand) back in February this year by a tweet from Sam, a young YouTube friend who lives in this country. He was shocked by what he had read in an online news article and passed that info on via Twitter. I read his tweet, and re-tweeted it, thus becoming a part of the global information network that we have going on in our days now, by the worldwide connectivity we benefit from via the Internet.

On the other hand: "Original" tweets of mine, with humorous / philosophical (?) or criticizing content, present a helping of my Twitter oeuvre, yes. Well, but I guess I don't want to be a supplier for online one-liners all the time - among other things for the plain and simple reason, that one of MY lines often enough comprises of way more than the crummy 140 characters (spaces included) that Twitter offers :-)!

Re-tweeting news and other stuff that is important to me has become quite a big part of my Twitter activities. And I think it's not such a bad thing. Especially also, because this offers me the possibility to support and promote social projects that really deserve attention:

Jaylen's Challenge
Northern Starfish
Racing for a Cause 
Kids Are Heroes
and others more ...

And I also pass on news about artists I like, for example Chapman Stick player Rob Martino or British painter Annemarie Wright.

Oh, and by the way: All those above links are definitely worth checking out - just saying!

So, in spite of me being "Mr Talkative" in videos, e-mails, blogs and on the phone (and although I am far from being wordless in my tweets!), I guess that on Twitter, I am very content to be known as Mr Ripple-Effect.

Better ripples than wrinkles ... for now :-)!


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