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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

FYI: Some German translations of old blogs coming up

Deutsche Version dieses Blogs hier.

This short notice here goes mostly to my not German speaking readers - to prevent any confusion (let alone frustration!).

I will put up a small number of German translations of older blogs as my next entries here - texts I wrote in the past. It will be only a handful, but of course, I will not also publish them again in the English version ... wouldn't hardly make sense, right?

As usual, I will put a link to the referring English blog article at the top of the German text, so the original English version will always be only one mouse click away.

I thought it might be a good idea to give you a little heads up in advance, so you don't feel weirded out by all the Deutsch going on in a row all of a sudden, haha!

Rest assured:

will remain a bi-langual blog,
with English and German side by side.
Or better:
In consecutive order :-)!

I just felt that it might be a good thing to bring some things I wrote here earlier (about Bullying) into a format that also my not English speaking readers are able to deal with. Because Bullying (called "Mobbing" in German; weird, I know ...) is a topic that does not stop (let a lone end!) at language borders.

Okay, so much for now. Blog you soon :-)!


By the way:

If anyone is into English and German, too,
I absolutely recommend this dictionary:

I use it myself since 2003
(2-volume book version; on CD ROM since 2004)
and it never failed me.

This is not a toy,
and not just a "nice dictionary" ...

This is THE TOOL!

You can buy it in a two volume book edition,
but for your convenience
the above linked product is the
absolutely gorgeous and comfortable
CD ROM version
with user interface in German or English.

You'll get all the benefits of the two books,
but you will avoid
massively aching arms
from wielding the heavy tomes all the time ...

Yes, I am
 speaking from experience here, haha :-)!



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